The Beautiful Waterfalls In Bali That you Have to Visit.

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Carat Waterfall Bali

The Last, i will write about Carat Waterfall, Bali. Carat waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. This waterfall is located in the village Tamblang, District Kubutambahan, Singaraja Regency. The distance is about 85 kilometers from Denpasar, or about 34 kilometers from Kintamani. From Denpasar, go to Gianyar/ Kintamani. Having arrived in Kintamani, continue the journey toward Singaraja (via Kubutambahan) to arrive at the village Tamblang and see signposts to Carat Waterfall on the right road. Next you just  as far as 600 meters walking to the waterfall.

To reach this waterfall necessary effort and energy. From the highway, you must pass through the small streets made by woven bamboo  above a small stream. After that, you will pass the path between the plantation population overgrown clove and coffee. Waterfall closer, the road goes down and the steep and winding, with steep cliffs on your left. Along the road to the location of the waterfall there are many water pipes that deliver clean water to local residents.

At Carat Waterfall there are two waterfalls, a large waterfall (high) and a small waterfall. You can only reach a small waterfall, which is about 4 meters. You can see the beauty of this waterfall up close, even to bathe and play there. If a high waterfall, you can only see it from afar. Actually high waterfall that was under a small waterfall, so you can only see this waterfall from the top instead of bottom / front. High waterfall located in a very steep cliffs and deep. If you want to shoot, you have to walk following the direction of the pipes to arrive at a place, under extremely high cliffs and steep like a wall.

GitGit Waterfall Buleleng BALI

Gitgit waterfall is very unique. Gitgit waterfall located in the village Gitgit, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. The distance is about 16 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Bedugul or 66 kilometers from Denpasar. From the Singaraja city located 11 kilometers to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul. 

This waterfall so special. This waterfall is different from other waterfalls. Most waterfalls are usually located in the middle of the jungle or on a steep cliff. But, Gitgit  waterfalls be between villages and clove plantations. The waterfall is approximately 35 meters of altitude is very cool and beautiful. In addition to the pounding sound of the waterfall and chirping birds and a paddy field and clove plantations along the road to the waterfall that gives the atmosphere of peace and natural.

You must pay admission IDR 3000 per person to be able to see the waterfall Gitgit close. Because Gitgit very famous waterfall, the road and there stair well maintained making it easier for tourists to visit it.
Git-git waterfall consists of several waterfalls with shapes and different heights. There are at least four waterfalls. The first waterfall is a twin waterfall. This waterfall is located about 500 meters from the parking lot.
You have to down the path and down the stairs to get to the twin waterfalls. At the edge of the road that you go through there are several souvenir shops selling various souvenirs bali.

Twin waterfalls, as the name consists of two adjacent waterfall. The waterfall is formed twin, so it looks beautiful. Both waterfalls are not very high, but that water is very swift. This waterfall is sheltered in a narrow cliff so the atmosphere at a waterfall sektiar somewhat dark. The trees around the existing green waterfalls add to the atmosphere of the cool and beautiful.

Furthermore, you can go to the second waterfall is located quite close to the twin waterfalls. The source water comes from streams  river twin waterfalls. This waterfall is higher than twin waterfalls. 
The third waterfall is available in bite-story waterfall. Located quite far from the second waterfall earlier. The road to the waterfall-story is quite confusing because there is no direction pointer, you must pass through villages and tea plantations.

Munduk Waterfall Bali Indonesia

The Munduk waterfall is situated at an altitude of between 800-900 meters above sea level .This water fall is located in the village Munduk, Banjar District, Buleleng regency. The distance is about 70 kilometers from Denpasar or 20 Kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Bedugul. 

There are two waterfalls in this Munduk waterfall,There is Melanting Waterfall. But, people used to call them as Munduk Waterfalls. Munduk waterfall (Munduk waterfall Bali Indonesia), you will encounter the first time when you come from the direction of Denpasar / Bedugul. About 1 mile from the Ngiring Ngawedang restaurant.This Waterfall is 15 meter high and located in the coffee plantation population. From the parking lot, you have to walk as far as 246 yards to reach this waterfall. Do not forget to pay the entrance fee of IDR. 3000 near the parking lot.

Splashing water and chirping birds found around waterfalls create an atmosphere of calm and peace, make us feel at home playing Munduk water in this waterfall.
The second waterfall, which Melanting waterfall is higher than Munduk waterfall. Located about 1 kilometer to the north of the first waterfall (waterfall Munduk). Parking Your car in the parking lot on the left side of the road. Next you just walk away as far as 500 meters to reach the front of the waterfall. If you bring a bike, you can bring your bike to near the waterfall. You can park your bike near the post entrance. You have to pay entrance fee of IDR 5000 (adult) and IDR 2000 (children) at the post entrance near the waterfall.

Blemantung Waterfall

The waterfall is not less beautiful with Tegunungan  waterfall. The Blemantung  waterfall is located in the Pujungan  Village, District Pupuan, Tabanan regency. There is a, Blemantung waterfall, tourist area in Tabanan. Blemantung waterfall is about 70 kilometers from Denpasar, or about two hours drive.

How to go to Blemantung Waterfall?

From Denpasar ride and toward to Tabanan / Gilimanuk. Follow the highway until Denpasar towards the T-junction Gilimanuk Antosari Village. Then follow the road, continue until at Village ‘Pujungan’ (about 27 miles from Antosari). Having arrived at a fork in the village Pujungan turn to the right and follow the dirt road was not paved until about as far as 1400 meters.

Blemantung waterfall lies hidden among the high cliffs. Entrance to the waterfall is quite unique because it consists of a variety of patterns. The first, about 1 kilometer, the road of a dirt road, with concrete paving on the right and the left (for the wheels of the car). Furthermore, the road turned into a muddy rocky dirt road in the rainy season, after crossing the bridge climb, the road changed again into an uphill path between coffee plantations of the population. It's pretty exhausting, but pamandangan available and will be paid commensurate with your sacrifices.

Waterfall with a height of about 50 meters will soon welcome your arrival. The water is clear and crisp in a small pond below it is very tempting you to take a shower. The atmosphere around the temple and waterfalls in addition to rest, still completely natural. So you can play as much and freely without fear of being disturbed by other visitors.

There are actually three waterfalls in Blemantung waterfall. The first waterfall is located near a temple, with a height of about 50 meters. Next the second waterfall, a smaller waterfall is located below the first waterfall, and about 200 meters apart. To reach the second waterfall, you have to down the river towards the bottom. But you can not see this waterfall from the front.

The third waterfall, access to the course somewhat different from other waterfalls. If toward the second waterfall before you must turn left and follow the bridge side, to get to the third waterfall, you must walk straight a few meters from the bridge. Next turn left, down a path beside a creek until she reached the sabha irrigation dam upstream. The third waterfall is across the dam. Do you want to go Blemantung Waterfall?

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Tegenungan Waterfall Bali Indonesia

After Nungnung Waterfall, I am going to write about Tegenungan Waterfall now . Tegenungan Waterfall is  located in the Kemenuh  village, Sukawati district, Gianyar Bali. The distance is about 16 kilometers from Denpasar. You can drive to Sukowati / Gianyar. After passing through the Sukawati art market, still continue your journey until you are at the crossroads with traffic lamp and there are directions toward Tegunungan. From the intersection turn right  as far as 1500 meters, and you came in tegunungan waterfall.

This waterfall is unique. This waterfall is a river ‘Tukad Petani’  are the only waterfall that is not located  in the highlands or mountains. Although it was not so high but the discharge water was very swift. The water is also clean and clear. It is suitable for bathing or playing around water. The scenery around the waterfall Tegenungan quite beautiful, with green trees. Near the waterfall has been built with several shower baths from natural springs.

For you, lovers of photography, you should come to the waterfall Tegenungan at noon or late afternoon, so you can get good photos. Because of this waterfall facing west. If you arrive in the morning, you will be  hard to get a good photograph because the light entering the camera you will lose with a blazing sun in the morning so the pictures you will be over exposed. Afternoon or evening, when the sun was a bit high or leaning to the west is a great time to visit the waterfalls Tegenungan.

However, unfortunately Tegenungan now less noticed by the local government of Gianyar is proven by the absence of efforts to enhance and promote Tegenungan as a natural tourist attraction in Gianyar regency.
Therefore I am here to help promote tourism attraction Tegenungan because this is very feasible and should be visited by tourists. . Interested in visiting this waterfall?
Please come to Bali 

Nungnung Waterfall - Bali - Indonesia

The Nungnung  waterfall is located in the Village NungNung, Sub Petang, Badung regency Bali Island. The distance is about 45 Kilometers from the Denpasar City. From Denpasar, you can drive to Sangeh / evening through the Ahmad Yani streets. Nungnung Waterfall is located in one direction with Pala  Sangeh Forest. From there, continue your journey towards Petang / Pelaga to arrive in the Nungnung village. Next, you are a short walk to the waterfall.

You will not regret visiting this place, because it is a very beautiful scenery presents. You will see through rice fields and plantations that remedy, green eyes. The air is cool because Nungnung village located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

Nungnung waterfall high enough to discharge water that is relatively large. To reach the waterfall, you have to walk down the hundreds of very steep stairs in some places. Previously, do not forget to buy tickets Rp3000 per person. Distance waterfall from the parking is far enough so that it can be exhausting. However, you do not need to worry because in some areas have been built as a place to rest when already tired of walking. Once down hundreds of steep stairs and cross the small bridge, you will arrive in the waterfall Nungnung. From a distance, has a voice thundering waterfalls Nungnung.

This waterfall start promoted as tourist attractions since 1996. since this year, facilities condition Nungnung waterfall has undergone many changes, such as the existence of a range of facilities - other additional facilities to support this tourism object. because it is situated in rural areas, add to the beauty that makes this waterfall interesting to visit. once you visit here will be memorable and make memories that we want to always come to this place again.  NungNung Waterfall is one of waterfall in Bali Indonesia must be visited :)

Singsing waterfall bali

Now, i want to share about waterfall "Singsing". Singsing Waterfall Located in the Banjar Labuhan Haji, Banjar District Temukus village, 3 kilometers from Lovina and 13 kilometers from Singaraja. Waterfalls contained 2 waterfalls in this place. To achieve the  first object of this tour you have to drive up to the majors Village 'Tigawarsa'. Having arrived, a directional sign will indicate the path you must follow. To get to the first waterfall, you have to walk along the 600 meters. Then to reach the second waterfall, you have to go through a steep path for a second waterfall is located higher.

Both domestic and foreign tourists visit this waterfall , because the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and suitable for physical fitness. Singsing is Located not far from Lovina area, even within walking distance of Lovina, making this object visited by many tourists who usually stay in the tourist areas Lovina. Location of the waterfall in the hills giving views of Lovina beach stretch in the north, so the main attraction is quite attractive for tourists.

Here, we present this waterfall tourist attraction. In addition to temples and beaches, Bali is also rich in waterfalls. Beginning with waterfall Dusun Kuning. This beautiful waterfall is located in the south of Bangli, about 6 kilometers from the town of Bangli, Bali, exactly in the village park. Being situated in the hamlet of Yellow, this waterfall is a waterfall named Dusun Kuning (hamlet Yellow). This waterfall is located at an altitude of 25 meters above the surface of the river that flows soar southward.

To reach this place, from Denpasar, you have to drive to Bangli, either through Sukawati /Gianyar and By-pass road Ida Bagus Mantra. After arriving in Bali village park (approximately 3 miles before the town of Bangli), you will find a T-junction. Turn to the right and follow this road until a T junction, near the drinking water factory "NON MIN". Next Taking A walk, the place  is located around 300 meters to reach the waterfall village Yellow,

Not far from this place there is a forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. You can enjoy the sensation of cool air combined with green leaves at this resort in addition to the natural charm of the waterfall.

Okay maybe these waterfalls you can visit there and enjoy the fresh water from waterfalls. If you want to go there, you should bring a map, or GPS , many waterfalls are located in forest or something like that. These is the beautiful waterfalls in bali for you, so enjooy :)

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