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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

The Last, i will write about Carat Waterfall, Bali. Carat waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. This waterfall is located in the village Tamblang, District Kubutambahan, Singaraja Regency. The distance is about 85 kilometers from Denpasar, or about 34 kilometers from Kintamani. From Denpasar, go to Gianyar/ Kintamani. Having arrived in Kintamani, continue the journey toward Singaraja (via Kubutambahan) to arrive at the village Tamblang and see signposts to Carat Waterfall on the right road. Next you just  as far as 600 meters walking to the waterfall.

To reach this waterfall necessary effort and energy. From the highway, you must pass through the small streets made by woven bamboo  above a small stream. After that, you will pass the path between the plantation population overgrown clove and coffee. Waterfall closer, the road goes down and the steep and winding, with steep cliffs on your left. Along the road to the location of the waterfall there are many water pipes that deliver clean water to local residents.

At Carat Waterfall there are two waterfalls, a large waterfall (high) and a small waterfall. You can only reach a small waterfall, which is about 4 meters. You can see the beauty of this waterfall up close, even to bathe and play there. If a high waterfall, you can only see it from afar. Actually high waterfall that was under a small waterfall, so you can only see this waterfall from the top instead of bottom / front. High waterfall located in a very steep cliffs and deep. If you want to shoot, you have to walk following the direction of the pipes to arrive at a place, under extremely high cliffs and steep like a wall.

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Hi Dude,

Bali has a selection of waterfalls that is fun to visit. For many people, the idea of hiking through the jungle to a hidden waterfall and taking a cooling swim is the image of paradise. Waterfalls are sharp drops along the course of a river. Thanks a lot for sharing with us...

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