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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Gitgit waterfall is very unique. Gitgit waterfall located in the village Gitgit, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. The distance is about 16 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Bedugul or 66 kilometers from Denpasar. From the Singaraja city located 11 kilometers to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul. 

This waterfall so special. This waterfall is different from other waterfalls. Most waterfalls are usually located in the middle of the jungle or on a steep cliff. But, Gitgit  waterfalls be between villages and clove plantations. The waterfall is approximately 35 meters of altitude is very cool and beautiful. In addition to the pounding sound of the waterfall and chirping birds and a paddy field and clove plantations along the road to the waterfall that gives the atmosphere of peace and natural.

You must pay admission IDR 3000 per person to be able to see the waterfall Gitgit close. Because Gitgit very famous waterfall, the road and there stair well maintained making it easier for tourists to visit it.
Git-git waterfall consists of several waterfalls with shapes and different heights. There are at least four waterfalls. The first waterfall is a twin waterfall. This waterfall is located about 500 meters from the parking lot.
You have to down the path and down the stairs to get to the twin waterfalls. At the edge of the road that you go through there are several souvenir shops selling various souvenirs bali.

Twin waterfalls, as the name consists of two adjacent waterfall. The waterfall is formed twin, so it looks beautiful. Both waterfalls are not very high, but that water is very swift. This waterfall is sheltered in a narrow cliff so the atmosphere at a waterfall sektiar somewhat dark. The trees around the existing green waterfalls add to the atmosphere of the cool and beautiful.

Furthermore, you can go to the second waterfall is located quite close to the twin waterfalls. The source water comes from streams  river twin waterfalls. This waterfall is higher than twin waterfalls. 
The third waterfall is available in bite-story waterfall. Located quite far from the second waterfall earlier. The road to the waterfall-story is quite confusing because there is no direction pointer, you must pass through villages and tea plantations.

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