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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Jambi is a province of Indonesia which is located on the east coast in the middle of the island of Sumatra. Jambi is also the name of a town in the province, which is the provincial capital city. Jambi province is located on the East Coast of Sumatra facing the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean, on the flow of traffic and the International Regional.

A native of Jambi Province consists of several tribes, namely Melayu Jambi, Batin, Kerinci, Penghulu, Pindah, Anak Dalam (Kubu), and Bajau. Majority of the population living along and around Batanghari river.

Kubu tribe or Anak Dalam regarded as the oldest tribe in Jambi, as has been settled before the coming of other tribes. They estimated that the descendants of soldiers-soldiers Minangkabau who intend to expand the area of Jambi. While there is information that the tribe is descended from the tribe of Wedda with Negrito tribe, which is then referred to as tribes Weddoid.

Art in Jambi Province, among others, the famous Batanghari, Kipas Perentak, Rangguk, Sekapur Sirih, Selampit Delapan, Serentak Satang. Meanwhile, the traditional ceremonies are still being held like Human Life Circle ceremony (Berusik sirih bergurau pinang, duduk bertuik tegak betanyo, ikat buatan janji semayo).

This province has a number of areas such as nature reserve Kerinci Seblat National Park, Bukit 30 and Berbak. Kerinci Seblat National Park is a conservation area with prime complete ecosystem, starting from low rainforest area, up to sub-alpine area. Some areas may represent high wetland like peat lake, freshwater swamp and volcanogenic lake.

The Bukit Tigapuluh National Park is an 143,143 hectares area on the low land area of eastern Sumatra, included into two provinces , Riau and Jambi. This area is also interesting in its natural features of its geology, like the 30 Mountains intrusive complex, folded tertiary sediments, and some offer science breakthrough. Old tribe which characterize most of Central Sumatra forest is also one uniqueness you will find inside this park like Talang Mamak tribe.

Berbak National Park is a national park area on the eastern coastline of Central Sumatra included in Ramsar Convention for international wetland conservation. The uniqueness of this national park lies on its wetland ecosystem which become one unity of swamp ecosystem, freshwater swamp ecosystem and coastline ecosystem.

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