Blemantung Waterfall

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

The waterfall is not less beautiful with Tegunungan  waterfall. The Blemantung  waterfall is located in the Pujungan  Village, District Pupuan, Tabanan regency. There is a, Blemantung waterfall, tourist area in Tabanan. Blemantung waterfall is about 70 kilometers from Denpasar, or about two hours drive.

How to go to Blemantung Waterfall?

From Denpasar ride and toward to Tabanan / Gilimanuk. Follow the highway until Denpasar towards the T-junction Gilimanuk Antosari Village. Then follow the road, continue until at Village ‘Pujungan’ (about 27 miles from Antosari). Having arrived at a fork in the village Pujungan turn to the right and follow the dirt road was not paved until about as far as 1400 meters.

Blemantung waterfall lies hidden among the high cliffs. Entrance to the waterfall is quite unique because it consists of a variety of patterns. The first, about 1 kilometer, the road of a dirt road, with concrete paving on the right and the left (for the wheels of the car). Furthermore, the road turned into a muddy rocky dirt road in the rainy season, after crossing the bridge climb, the road changed again into an uphill path between coffee plantations of the population. It's pretty exhausting, but pamandangan available and will be paid commensurate with your sacrifices.

Waterfall with a height of about 50 meters will soon welcome your arrival. The water is clear and crisp in a small pond below it is very tempting you to take a shower. The atmosphere around the temple and waterfalls in addition to rest, still completely natural. So you can play as much and freely without fear of being disturbed by other visitors.

There are actually three waterfalls in Blemantung waterfall. The first waterfall is located near a temple, with a height of about 50 meters. Next the second waterfall, a smaller waterfall is located below the first waterfall, and about 200 meters apart. To reach the second waterfall, you have to down the river towards the bottom. But you can not see this waterfall from the front.

The third waterfall, access to the course somewhat different from other waterfalls. If toward the second waterfall before you must turn left and follow the bridge side, to get to the third waterfall, you must walk straight a few meters from the bridge. Next turn left, down a path beside a creek until she reached the sabha irrigation dam upstream. The third waterfall is across the dam. Do you want to go Blemantung Waterfall?

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