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Senin, 09 Mei 2011

The Nungnung  waterfall is located in the Village NungNung, Sub Petang, Badung regency Bali Island. The distance is about 45 Kilometers from the Denpasar City. From Denpasar, you can drive to Sangeh / evening through the Ahmad Yani streets. Nungnung Waterfall is located in one direction with Pala  Sangeh Forest. From there, continue your journey towards Petang / Pelaga to arrive in the Nungnung village. Next, you are a short walk to the waterfall.

You will not regret visiting this place, because it is a very beautiful scenery presents. You will see through rice fields and plantations that remedy, green eyes. The air is cool because Nungnung village located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

Nungnung waterfall high enough to discharge water that is relatively large. To reach the waterfall, you have to walk down the hundreds of very steep stairs in some places. Previously, do not forget to buy tickets Rp3000 per person. Distance waterfall from the parking is far enough so that it can be exhausting. However, you do not need to worry because in some areas have been built as a place to rest when already tired of walking. Once down hundreds of steep stairs and cross the small bridge, you will arrive in the waterfall Nungnung. From a distance, has a voice thundering waterfalls Nungnung.

This waterfall start promoted as tourist attractions since 1996. since this year, facilities condition Nungnung waterfall has undergone many changes, such as the existence of a range of facilities - other additional facilities to support this tourism object. because it is situated in rural areas, add to the beauty that makes this waterfall interesting to visit. once you visit here will be memorable and make memories that we want to always come to this place again.  NungNung Waterfall is one of waterfall in Bali Indonesia must be visited :)

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