Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is located approximately 60 kilometers south of Sukabumi this. The beach is renowned as one of tourist attraction because of the beautiful natural panorama, the air is cool, and a vast expanse of sand.
In addition, each dated April 5, at this beach, celebrate party sea, namely melarungkan buffalo heads and other offerings into the sea . The ceremony was held as a form of gratitude to God for the gift that has been given in the form of fish catches.

The attraction of this orphanage, water waves are big enough and stable. This Pelabuhan Ratu Coast Area Tourism has a special attraction for tourists. For tourists who love to surf this beach has a charm. In the months of May and October, there are several surf sites that are frequently visited by tourists, ie Batu garam, Karang sari,,, Cimaja, Karang haji, Indicator, sunset beach, ombaktujuh, and ujunggenteng. In these months, high surf this beach.

In addition, coral rocks jutting into the sea more and add to the beauty of this coastal resorts. The tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of the beach while fishing from the rocks. For those who like the sound of waves, can look like grains of pearl so beautiful charm.

Another attraction which is also owned by Pelabuhanratu coast is an annual ritual held by the local community. The ritual is a ritual bath or Ngabungbang sucai. The word comes from the word Nga Ngabungbang which means to unite and bungbang which means removing or cleaning.

The beach is located in the district Pelabuhan ratu , Sukabumi, West Java province, Indonesia.

It belongs to coastal resorts have the facility is complete. There are hotels, which you can choose from the lower class to upper class. The hotels are Wisma Putra, Bayu Amerta, Mahkota Pantai, Bunga Ayu. In this area, there are restourants, with varian menus. In other that, Pelabuhan ratu Beach has many facilities . There are Mosque, parking area, Playground, Souvenir.

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