History of Prambanan Temple

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

History of Prambanan

Mataram is the largest empire in the ancient Javanese who first appeared on the stage of history in 732 BC, which at that time jobs were governed by Sanjaya of Mataram, the ruling Hindu nobleman in fertile areas between the opaque and rivers Progo river. In the year 750 BC, Dynasty Buddhist dynasty expelled Sanjaya together with his family in exile in upland areas outside the boundaries of the kingdom of Mataram.

A century later, the descendants of King Sanjaya Pikatan Rakai married with a family clan dynasty and held the reins of power. In his reign the influence of Hindu like being born again and in that time many buildings of the temple was founded specifically prambanan temple construction.

Rakai Pikatan started building the temple in 856 BC with the purpose of commemorating the return of Sanjaya dynasty came to power. However, the temple complex was abandoned a century later when the kingdom of Mataram and its people moved to East Java and the temple itself collapsed since the devastating earthquake that occurred in the 16th century. Temple restoration performed in 1930 and still do until now.

The three temples on the main page so dominate the complex. But the most impressive temple is a large building which was in the midst of complex and towering as high as 47 meters of Roro Jonggrang Temple. It is said by some experts that Roro Jonggrang temple dedicated to Lord Shiva while the two smaller temples in the north and south is dedicated to the god Vishnu and god Brahmin.

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