Ramayana Ballet Synopsis

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Ramayana Ballet beginning with the victory of Rama of Ayodya competition to get Shinta. After winning the competition, Laksamana, Rama and Shinta wanders in the Dandaka Forest.

In the forest of Dandaka, Ravana kidnapping Shinta and was taken to Alengka. To reclaim the sinta, Rama is helped by the apes built a bridge to Lanka to rescue Sita. There was a great battle between the Kingdom of Alengka Against Ayodya. The Apes against the Giants are keeping the kingdom of Lanka.

The story ends with the death of Ravana bya Rama's arrow and the merging of Rama with his wife. But Rama refused sinta because of dubious purity shinta. Then Sinta burns herself to prove her chasity. Sinta spared from the fire and it proves that sinta is still scared. Eventualy they reunited.

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