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Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

Guru (Manikmaya, Lord Shiva) is the god who ruled the heavens. He who set the revelation to the puppets, prizes, and the sciences. Guru has a magic (wife) Goddess Uma, and have several children.

Here is the sequence of children's Guru, starting from the most first-born (according to the Javanese wayang tradition):
1. Batara Sambu
2. Batara Brahma
3. Batara Indra
4. Batara Bayu
5. Batara Vishnu
6. Batara Ganesha
7. Batara Kala
8. Hanuman

Bathara GuruBetara Master is created from the glittering lights by Hyang Tunggal. The creation in conjunction with light-colored dusky which is the origin would Ismaya (Semar). By Hyang Tunggal then decided if Manikmaya Suryalaya's ruling, while Ismaya down to earth to take care of the Pandavas. As for the time Guru was created, he felt the most perfect and no defects. By Hyang Tunggal Manikmaya know that feeling, then said if Manikmaya Hyang Tunggal will have a weak defect in the foot, striped on the neck, bercaling, and four sleeves.
Guru is very sorry to hear words of Hyang Tunggal, and his saying that actually happened. One time Manikmaya feel very thirsty, and he found the lake. When drinking water lake, which turns the water is poisonous, then dimuntahkannya back, then he got a stripe on the neck disability. When the birth of Prophet Jesus, Manikmaya also came to watch. Attention to that man at birth is very weak legs. Instantly, his legs were afflicted, and a weakened left leg Manikmaya.

When he quarreled with his wife Goddess Uma, dikutuknya Manikmaya by Goddess Uma, for he bercaling like a giant, then bercalinglah Manikmaya. When Manikmaya see human being praying that his shirt covering his body, then laugh because he thought the man Manikmaya sleeved four. So once sleeved empatlah Manikmaya.

This is one of the efforts of cultural dehinduisasi Javanese wayang Walisongo conducted in an attempt to use puppets as a means of spreading Islam in Java. Another example is the mention of Drona to be Durna (insult), the story of Yudhishthira should mention the phrase shahada before entering heaven and others. Betara Master is the only shadow puppets depicted in the position facing forward, toward humans. This is apat seen from the position of his feet. Just because the form of puppets, so he turned to the side. Vehicle (vehicle animal) Guru is the cow Nandini.

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