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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Southeast Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia, located on the island of Sulawesi. The capital of the province is Kendari, on the east coast of the peninsula. This province is bordered by South and Central Sulawesi in the north, the South Flores Sea, Banda Sea at the East and Bone bay in the West.

A native of South Sulawesi consists of 5 different types of ethnic tribes Tolaki, Morunene tribe, the tribe of Buton, Muna tribe and tribe Bajo. To manage the relationship between public life, have a valid law always be obeyed by citizens. Type of law, among other Land law, Law of society association, Marriage Law and Inheritance law.

South East Sulawesi province has a different type of art that enrich potential culture of Indonesia. One of the arts community is a dance that is presented at each traditional ceremony and welcome guests that is accompanied by traditional music among others Gong, Kecapi and bamboo Flute. Southeast Sulawesi is also famous with silver carving and plaited rattan and Gempol handicraft from the root wood.

Dance that is identical with the Southeast Sulawesi called Lulo or Molulo dance. This dance was originally a sacred dance that is full and philosophical, but in its development Molulo now become a dance or folk dance association who usually done spontaneously on every event that either party or festival conducted by institutions or organization.

One of the unique attractions in Southeast Sulawesi is located in Muna, the stallion compete attraction to win the filly. Horses complaint is one of the popular traditional sport in Southeast Sulawesi and has become an interesting spectacle for the public.

Objects and tourist attractions in Southeast Sulawesi in addition to art and culture and customs also focus on objects and natural tourist attraction, especially nautical tourism. The natural environment in this province and montane hills, ribbed with a long coastal islands and marine plants which are spread in the area of the province.

According to the Wallacea Foundation and Eco Survey from England and in cooperation with LIPI note that in the group of Tukang Besi islands in the Wakatobi there is the beautiful sea garden that was rich in marine biota. Marine parks in the area has a high rating and is one of the best marine parks in the world.

Wakatobi National Park so special to experience. In the garden there are panoramic natural beauty under the sea. Group of coral reefs can be found approximately 112 species along the 600 km coastline. In some places along the reef, there are caves under the sea that add charm to Wakatobi National Park. In addition to the beauty that is presented by diverse coral reef, the park also has 93 species of colorful fish. In addition, it can be also found king prawns Erasia and three turtle species that lay frequently in the Wakatobi National Park that is Sisik turtle, Tempayan turtle and Lekang turtle. Birds can also be viewed from close when assembled on the island and when flying, and occasionally swoop down to the sea to hunt fish.

Buton Palace Fortress is one of tourism object in the historic City of Bau-bau Southeast Sulawesi. The fortress is the lagacy of Buton Sultanate that built on the 16-th century by Sultan Buton III called La Sangaji with the title of Sultan Kaimuddin. Buton palace fortress received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) and the Guinness Record Book as a widest fort around the world with a 23,375 Ha.

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