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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

do you Want a vacation? You definitely need a place to live. Villa in Bali are very numerous and diverse. You can choose according to your taste. If you have a sense of who likes tropical air, I have tips for choosing a villa in Bali

The Villa Mertasari built using the concept of harmonization of the people of Bali, known as Tri Hita Karana, the harmonious relationship between man with God, man with man, and man with nature.

The main principle of this tropical architecture aims to create harmony in the home, family room and a separate bedroom and an open, park-full with plants and trees, and natural pools. The Mertasari combines the traditions of Bali in the past and "hi-tech" modern who became a distinguished blend harmoniously.

The Mertasari, one of the villas "hi-tech" in Sanur, Bali, who put forward the concept of tropical architecture. This building is a blend of the past who is represented by tropical architecture and the future of which is represented equipment "hi-tech" in the corners of this building...
The elements of this building to bring eco-property full of life, such as who is reflected in the use of wood, energy savings (electricity and air conditioning) and recycling dirty water / waste.
Not only that. Floor of the house using natural materials with beautiful textures reply. While the bathroom is made of local natural stones. Bedrooms are made with transparent walls so that occupants can directly feel the natural atmosphere outside.

The Mertasari free of chemicals, with a natural swimming pool and garden which is cleaned by a water-sterilization system. The water was safe to drink immediately. It's only natural because the Mertasari U.S. Green Building standards and guidelines development Balinese, Tri Hita Karana who give priority to the harmonization and balance.

Interesting of these villas are so many "secret door" which is made in such a way that the guest did not think the wall nearby is the "secret door". Behind the "secret door" is, there is a reading room, library, cigar room and wine.


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