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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Anyer Beach is famous as a tourist destination since the 1980s. Its location is not too far from the Jakarta. Close to the city of Jakarta, the beach has become one of favorite tourist attraction. The beach has become increasingly popular after the government district of Serang and Banten provincial government has tried to develop it into one of the famous maritime tourist attraction in Indonesia. Follow-up, various support facilities are quite complete and representative has many built on the coast of Anyer. 

The tourists can enjoy the blue sea view with the background of the horizon which is also colored blue. In addition, tourists can sunbathe, make a sculpture of sand or beach sports activities, such as beach volleyball and football on the sand beach.

The tourists can also swim and dive, sea water is  clear and clean. For tourists who have a hobby of fishing and surfing, they also can channel his hobby at Anyer beach area, because the waves are quite large and occupied a lot of fish.

Another attraction for tourists to witness the charm of sunrise and sunset. Panorama has become more beautiful with so many low-flying sea birds and occasionally grabbing fish along the coast. Beautiful panorama can be enjoyed from the shelters park, tourist huts, or from the boat that runs slowly on the edge of this coastal region beach . there is also a lighthouse which can be a place for see the  beauty of the beach from above.

Anyer Beach is located in the subdistrict of Anyer, Serang regency, Banten province, Indonesia. The distance between the coast of Anyer and Jakarta is about 160 kilometers. Can be taken about 2 hours. If departing from the town of Serang, distance to be traveled by the tourists is about 35 kilometers.

From Jakarta, the tourists can go through the Jakarta-Merak toll road and then exit via the motorway West Cilegon. After that, the journey continues towards the coast of Anyer. Along the way, there are many signposts that will help you get there to reach the site. Travelers can use a personal vehicle. But tourists can also use the services of transport, eg bus or train majors Jakarta - Merak.

Home stay, guesthouse, Hotel, Resort, Cottage and Villa. With various types, there are a lot here. You do not have to worry if you want to stay at the beach-inn anyer.Penginapan include: Anyer Hotel, Sol Elite Marbella, and Patra Jasa Anyer Beach Resort. It also provides a tourist area network facilities to access the internet and communications network, Local or Long Distance and International. So you can still keep in touch with your family at home.

For food lovers, there are many food vendors at this Anyer beach. Tent stalls along the coast, as well as restaurants and restaurants with different menus you can enjoy. Restaurants and restaurants in the area of ​​Anyer beach this: Hana, Valentine Damar Sea, the Elbe and Midori Japanese.

In addition, many other facilities that you can enjoy. Like the tourist information center, tourist guides, coast guard, garden and secure parking area, children's playground, arena, sunbathing, swimming, camping ground, tourist huts, shelters, centers of souvenirs, and boat rentals speedboat, diving suite and bike rental.

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