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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

East Java is a province in the eastern part of Java Island, Indonesia. Surabaya is the capital. East Java province is the widest provinces in Java, and has the second highest number of people in Indonesia after West Java. East Java with Java Sea in the north, the east of Bali, Indian Ocean in the south, and Central Java Province in the west. East Java also includes the island of Madura, Bawean, Kangean and a number of small islands in the Java Sea and Indian Ocean (Island Sempu and Nusa Barung).

East Java has a number of interesting sights. One of the East Java tourist icon is Mount Bromo, the Tengger tribe inhabited by, where the ceremony is held each year KASADA Festival. The mountains of Malang and Batu, known as a natural tourism area there is lots of health, such as the “Puncak” in West Java. Similarly, the mountains of the border Pasuruan and Mojokerto, as Prigen, Tretes, and Trawas. Other nature tourism in East Java is a National Park (4 of 12 in the National Park), Purwodadi Botanical Garden in Purwodadi Pasuruan, and Safari Park Indonesia II in Prigen.

East Java, there are historical in the classical era. Site Trowulan in Mojokerto regency, was the center of Majapahit kingdom, there are dozens of temples and tombs of kings of Majapahit. Other temple-temple spread in almost all areas in East Java, including upgrading temple in Blitar. In Madura, Sumenep is the capital of Madura kingdom, where there is a palace, museum, and the tombs of kings of Madura (Asta Tinggi).

East Java is known to have a panoramic beach which is very beautiful. On the south coast there are Prigi, Pelang, and White Sand beach in Trenggalek, Popoh in Tulungagung, Ngliyep in Malang, and Watu Ulo Papuma beach in Jember. On the north coast there are Tanjung Kodok beach in Lamongan district, has been developed and is managed by a regional government in Lamongan as Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL) is also called Jatim Park II, Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya, and White Sand Beach in Situbondo. Lake in East Java, among others, in the Sarangan Lake Magetan, Sutami Dam in Blitar and Selorejo Dam in Malang.

Cultural tourism, among others Karapan Sapi (Cow race) in Madura, Labuhan Larung Sesaji Ceremony along the South Sea coast, traditional art Reog Ponorogo, and Ludruk in Surabaya.

North coastal areas there are a number of tombs of Wali, which is the religion of the pilgrims travel to the Muslims. Five of nine Wali Songo buried in East Java: Sunan Ampel in Surabaya, Sunan Giri and Maulana Malik Ibrahim in Gresik, Sunan Drajat in Paciran (Lamongan), and Sunan Bonang in Tuban. In the coastal area north of this there are also interesting caves: Maharani Cave in Lamongan and Akbar Cave in Tuban. Soekarno’s tomb, frist president of Indonesia are in the city of Blitar.

Surabaya is the government and business center of East Java, where the Tugu Pahlawan, Mpu Tantular Museum, Convention & Exhibition Center, Marine Monument, Ampel Mosque, Tunjungan Shopping Center and Kya-Kya. Jatim Park in Batu and WBL is a miniature of East Java, who is also an educational tour.

Food typical East Java are Pecel, Rawon and Rujak Petis. Surabaya is famous Rujak Cingur, Semanggi, Lontong Balap, Sate Kerang, and Lontong Kupang. Kediri popular with Tahu Takwa, Tahu Pong, and Getuk Pisang (banana). Madiun known as Brem and Pecel. Lamongan famous for its Wingko Babat. Malang and Trenggalek is known as Tempe chips. Sidoarjo famous for Prawn crackers and Petis.

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