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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Central Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia with the capital of Palu. The city is located in the Gulf of Palu and devided two by the Palu river. Central Sulawesi also has several other rivers, including the famous river Lariang as white water rafting arena and river Gumbasa. There is also a lake which is famous for the tourism that is Lake Poso and Lindu Lake.

Many ethnic groups live in Central Sulawesi, those living in the western coastal district Donggala was mixed with the Bugis community and the community Gorontalo. In the eastern island of Sulawesi, there is also a strong influence of Manado and Gorontalo, and also Gorontalo tribes dominant enough in the district Bualemo. While the mountain community has a culture which influenced many ethnic Toraja, South Sulawesi. However, traditions, customs, clothing and architecture model is different from other Toraja, such as for example their clothing is using skin Beringin for body warmer.

Donggala woven cloth or sarong silk Donggala is one of the traditional handicrafts Donggala which is famous throughout the archipelago. Told traditional weaving, because the process traditionally done with equipment that is done traditionally by women in Donggala. Community in Central Sulawesi has a set of custom clothing made from bark ivo (beech Beringin) that smooth and also high quality.

Popular dancing is Dero originating from the Pamona community, in Poso district and followed by Kulawi community, in Donggala district. Dero special dance show in the harvest season or guests welcome ceremony. Dero is one of the dances where men and women hold hands and form a circle.

Central Sulawesi traditional houses made of wooden walls and a pillar of the roofed ilalang and has only one large room. Lobo or Duhunga is a space or hall used for festivals or ceremonies, while Tambi is a dwelling house. In addition to the house, there are also a place for rice called Gampiri.

Sulawesi is a unique border zone in Asia Oceania region, where flora and fauna differ greatly with those in Asia with the Kalimantan border, is also different from those in Australia and to Papua island timor. Animals typically this island is Anoa similar to a buffalo, Pigsticker, Tangkasi, Tonkean monkey, Kuskus, and Baleo birds that lay on the hot sand. Sulawesi forest also has distinctive characteristics, dominated by the Agatis timber that different from Sunda whose dominated by Pinang. To protect the flora and fauna, national parks have been set and preserve such as Lore Lindu National Park, Nature Reserve Morowali, Tanjung Api Nature Reserve and the last Bangkiriang Nature Reserve.

In addition to the wealth of natural biodiversity, the Lore Lindu National Park is also rich with the megalitic stone that reach hundreds of age, even thousands of years. Megalitic stones is located in the Valley Besoa and is the best stone monument in Indonesia. Uniquely, the stones have a diverse shape. There is a human-shaped sculpture, which only has a head, shoulder and sex. There is also a large bowl-shaped (Kalamba), plate (Tutu’na), flat shape and convex (Dakon), and Martor stone.

Lake Poso is one of the mainstay tourism province of Central Sulawesi. Lake which is located on the height is the third largest lake in Indonesia. This lake has a panoramic view of nature which is very beautiful and glamor, the cool air, glisten white sand beaches, and the mountain slopes and forest in the surrounding. In August, visitors can witness the Festival of Lake Poso. Festival is view in various races, such as The traditional dances and clothing from various tribes in Central Sulawesi.

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