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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

East Kalimantan is the second largest province in Indonesia, within the area of one and a half times around the island of Java and Madura. This province borders directly with neighboring countries, namely of the State of Sabah and Serawak, East Malaysia.

Culture that dominates in the province of East Kalimantan is the culture of Dayak native tribes who live in rural areas, cultural fishermen living in coastal areas, and the culture of kingdom that still exist until now. East Kalimantan has some kind of tribes such as Dayak, Kutai and Banjar. Kutai tribe is a tribe of native East Kalimantan wilt initially inhabit coastal areas of East Kalimantan. Religious life is in relatively good condition among the people followed up with the development of Communication Forum for Religion in the province and city level.

Society of East Kalimantan, especially the native tribe is always combine dance, music and art and art with their belief in traditional ceremonies. Art of dance in East Kalimantan include the Malay art of dance, Dayak and Banjar art of dance, which is a famous dance Japin which is the traditional dance of the Malay race. Traditional weapons Kalimanatan East in general is the same as the traditional areas of weapons, namely Kalimantan other weapon is a weapon that Mandau traditional Dayak tribe.

Tourism in East Kalimantan have a good prospect and can be developed more optimally. This area has a diverse tourism, nature tourism, agro and culture tourism. Nature tourism in this region among others, a beautiful sea and mountain range area, rivers, tour to the tropical forest with a diversity of wild fauna and flaora as there are in the area of Kutai National Park. Cultural tourism in East Kalimantan include the historical and diversity of traditional culture.

This province has some of the interesting tourism destination as Derawan islands in Berau, Kayan Mentarang National Park and Stone Lamampu beach in Nunukan, crocodile farm in Balikpapan, deer farm in Penajam, Pampang Dayak Village in Samarinda, Amal Beach in the City of Tarakan, on the island of Kumala in Tenggarong.

Located in the global biodiversity hotspot, the Derawan Islands are featured by high diversity of reef fishes, corals, and invertebrates, including a considerable number of protected species (giants clam, sea turtles, coconut crab). As a world class dive tourism destination, there are 3 international dive resorts on Derawan Islands, while more additional resorts or facilities are in the planning process.

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