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Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Ordinary rice, not spicy. But because it is wrapped and presented on a teak leaves, rice has become special. Even people like Cirebon own. Rice is arguably the favorite snacks jamblang Cirebon. The proof rice shop jamblang scattered on various streets in the city of Cirebon, both day and night. However, the most famous are Nasi jamblang Warung Mang Dull. Located in the Mount Sari, precisely in the way Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo supermarket directly opposite the Sun.

Every day, at around 6-8 am definitely seen people enjoying jubelan jamblang rice for breakfast at the stall Mang Dull. "Later busy again around lunchtime," said Sobari (35 th), the shop manager.

Sobari with his younger brother was 5 years old Mustopa continue this effort after Abdul Rojak stall, as well as the founder's father died in 1994. Dull Mang name taken from the name of the father who pioneered this jamblang rice sales since the early 1970s to sell around.

"Once you only sell about 50 packs a day," said Sobari recalled. But after obtaining loans from one bank, Mang could Dull hung near the pool and the Stadium Gunungsari who is now a shopping center Grage Mall.

Most people eat some pincuk. Side dishes that accompany the chili fries, vegetable tofu, tempeh fried, scrambled eggs, potato cakes and coconut cakes called cemplung, brain fried beef, fried tofu, dried meat, offal or rendang.

If it is still lacking, several are available pepes like Pepes intestine of chicken, mushrooms, small crab, crunchy and salty fish called penjelan.

Because it is so hectic visitors, just open the Sobari deliberately stall since 4 o'clock in the morning until 2 pm. "It'll be too tired mas. It also shares good fortune with other jamblang rice stall which is open late afternoon or evening," explained Sobari who spent a hundred pounds of rice each day.

At night you can eat rice jamblang along Jl. Students' Army. There are about 18 stalls there. One stall Mr. Sahir. "Here the menu is more complete," he said promoted. Indeed, side dishes are available a more diverse among other things, fried chicken, squid curry, rendang beef offal, marrow pepes small crab eggs, plus a standard menu that has been mentioned previously. These shops are generally open from 1 pm until 4 o'clock in the morning.

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