Malioboro Street - Yogyakarta

Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

2 days ago, i and my cousin went to Malioboro street. my cousin just came from Bandung. he wanted special thing in Yogyakarta. So, i invited him to going to malioboro street.i weared blue blackmaster shoes There are a lot of people who want to shopping. I saw many foreign people. They came to Yogyakarta for holiday.

in the midle of the malioboro street. There was a group of music which  playing ethnic music. its very amazing. melodic so touched our feeling. There were 2 dancers, accompany their music.

we continued our journey, to found souvenirs. in the end of the Malioboro street, we came in the Mirota Souvenir Shop. There were a lot of souvenir and cloths. Batik and unique thing provided by them.
this is my cousin,Firman.

 Behind of this pic is a gig, This gig is old from Kraton.

We continued our journey to the Vredeburg Castle.

this is in the end of part 1, our journey.

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