Pangandaran Beach

Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

One tourist attraction is a mainstay beach Ciamis district and province of West Java is Pangandaran Beach. In 2008, tourist sites are on the agenda excursions Indonesia. For that, the local Department of Tourism and Culture continues to improve and equip various facilities for visitors to the beach.


Pangandaran Beach has beautiful natural scenery. White sand that slope will impress every visitor. Because of its position is flanked by two hills, wind and waves on Pangandaran beach is not too big. These conditions make the tourists who come do not have to worry to swim up the boat, fishing, relaxing or even to just enjoy the panoramic Pangandaran Beach. You can see the beauty of this Pangandaran beach of tourist huts are numerous in this region.

In the morning and afternoon, tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset. And the moment is a moment awaited by the tourists. Marine park with a variety of fauna and flora that pampers every tourist's eyes. The tourists also can enjoy the beauty of this beach by riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Leisure travelers are guaranteed berkan paved roads and road conditions are good. The atmosphere of the evening by the beach was more beautiful and exotic with the lights.

In addition, in every weekend, the tourists who come will be treated to performances of traditional arts of West Java. In particular, the manager of Pangandaran beach tourism organization of various events, such as fishing party Pangandaran, Nyiar Lumar in June, the international kite festival in July, Carnival in August ornamental boat, fishing competition in September, and cross-country tour off road in October and New Year's party at the end of each year.

Pangandaran Beach is located in District Pangandaran Ciamis regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Fairly complete supporting facilities such as parking areas, hotel and guesthouse with various types. Inn-lodging such as Pantai Indah resort of Pangandaran, Pangandaran Beach Sunrise Hotel, And Surya Enchantment Beach Hotel Pangandaran. In addition, here too, there are rescue teams, tourist cabin, campground and information center for tourists.
Tourism Regions beach is also equipped with other facilities such as bank ATMs, Money Changer, movie theaters, Pubs, bike rental place and tires, as well as jet skis, post office and souvenir center.

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