Kartini Beach - Jepara

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Kartini Beach

Kartini Beach is one of the mainstay tourism district of Jepara, Central Java Province. The beach has an area of approximately 3.5 hectares. This beach is famous for its beautiful panorama. That said, first, this beach is a place to play and relax RA Kartini and family. Therefore, this beach was named Kartini beach.

The Attraction

The attraction of this beach is located a very clean, the water is crystal clear and the waves on the Kartini beach is not too big. In addition, the fresh air makes you feel at home for long beach is. A vast expanse of white sand and beautiful coral reefs which add charm and appeal of this Kartini Beach.
Coastal resorts is already equipped with SEA WORLD with a unique and interesting architecture. The building is considered unique because of its shape which resembles a giant tortoise.
Sea World has a collection of various types of sea fish, such as, squid, tuna, layur, sea shells and various types of coral reefs...

Kartini Beach Located in the Village Feather, district of Jepara, Jepara regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The distance that must be taken to the beach from Jepara city center is about 2 Kilometers. 


Sea World, the Mosque, tennis courts, and a variety of game facilities, like a train rabbits, Mini car, bath balls and boats. For tourists who want to stay, around it there were already a lot of tourist lodgings with rates varying. Hotels located in Kartini beach is Hotel Segoro, Kencana Indah Hotel, Star Hotel Kalinga. Food stalls, mini markets, souvenir stalls, and weaving torso is also available on this Kartini beach.

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