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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

I just want to share tips rent a villa in bali. Villa are one means of accommodation other than hotels that offer the service and atmosphere to live a more privacy than other accommodation facilities. Generally villas form of a single building or complex of buildings with various supporters vasilitas like a family home, like kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, pool, garage, and others. The location of the villa was almost not the same as a hotel or other similar means of accommodation, as most villas are built in a quiet area away from the crowds like at the top, in Gizo, or in the area of ​​plantations and rice fields. This is why the villa is more interested by the tourists who were conducting a long vacation or tourists who want peace in their holiday spending.

On the island of Bali itself has begun construction of villas now mushroomed, ranging from the area Seminyak, Sanur up to the tourist area of ​​Ubud. The area most of his villa building is an area of ​​Seminyak and Jimbaran, because this area is known as a quiet area, away from the hustle and is a region with low population densities. Currently, the villas in Bali in great demand by tourists from Asia, especially Korea and Taiwan travelers. Domestic tourists to stay at the villa is still relatively low because rents villas in Bali that goes far beyond the hotel room rates in general.

Cheap Bali Villa rental system is somewhat different from the villas in Bali's tourist area outside the other. If elsewhere perkompleks or rented villa development (per villa), regardless of the number of residents who will inhabit these villas, villas for rent in Bali, mostly based on the number of travelers. Property villa was built based on the number of users, for example, 1 bedroom villa for maximum of 3 people tourists or 2 bed room villa for a maximum of 6 people tourists (with the addition of 1 extra bed in each bedroom).


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Bali villa allow you the freedom to relax in complete privacy. It is equipped with spacious living facilities, modern home conveniences and extravagant extras such as a personal swimming pool. It will provide a holiday experience that surpasses any star-rated hotel or resort. Thanks a lot.

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