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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

North Sulawesi is located on the island of Sulawesi. Capital of North Sulawesi is Manado. Geographical location and position of North Sulawesi is in most northern region of the country, and directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, that has a great potential as the gate of the regional and global economy. This region have a big enough opportunity to develop international cooperation, especially trade with the neighboring countries that are geographically close, such as the Philippines and Malaysia. If all that can be used this area will be able to support beneficial regional cooperation and international trade. It will create a region of North Sulawesi to be one of the central economic development in Indonesia which have bright prospects.

Population of North Sulawesi consisting of three main ethnic groups, Minahasa Tribe, Sangihe Talaud Tribe, and Bolaang Mongondow Tribe. Individual ethnic groups are divided that has a sub ethnic languages, traditions and typical social norms. The familiar song are Si Patokaan and O Ina Ni Keke. In the city of Manado and the surrounding language of everyday use is Manado Malay. Manado languages like Indonesian but with a unique idiom. Some words in Manado dialect derived from the Dutch and the Portuguese language first because this region is a region the Dutch and Portuguese colonialism.

Traditional music from Manado city and its surrounding area is Kolintang. This musical instrument made of wood from a number of different length so that each tone is different. Usually to play a song needed for a number of Kolintang tools to produce good combination music sounds.

Tourism sector is one of the potential of the North Sulawesi as a source of economic power. Potential of tourism in North Sulawesi is quite diverse, including nature tourism, nautical tourism, and culture tourism. The existence of the Bunaken Marine National Park and National Park Bogani Nani Wartabone also potentially as a natural tourism assets in North Sulawesi.

City of Flowers in the City of Tomohon located approximately 22 km to the east of the capital of North Sulawesi, Manado. Conditions of fertile land and the relatively mild weather this is a factor supporting the communities in Tomohon to grow various plants to flower. Therefore, the community and city government Tomohon made himself as the city flower. City of flowers has a distinctive presence with flower garden and culture activities, including the agenda is the annual flower festival.

Not only can enjoy the flowers, tourists can also visit the amusement parks, traditional markets and shopping centers, Lokon Mount, Mount Mahawu, wooden craft house and village Woloan in Minahasa, Waruga complex, Doa (prayer) mountain, waterfalls Tinoor, Linow Lake, agro tourism in Rurukan and in Woloan.

Lake Linow is very unique because it contains high sulfur content and has a color change. This depends on the point of view of the lake and lighting. In the vicinity of this lake, there is endemic animals such as Blibis birds and thousands of insects called Sayok or Komo by the local residents. Unique insects that live in water but winged and can fly into the local consumption. Dont worry, there are many villa and hotel indonesia.

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