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Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Riau is a province in Indonesia. This province is located on the island of Sumatra and the capital is Pekanbaru. Riau Province on the north side of the boundary with the Malacca and Singapore, on the south side of the Jambi Province and the idols, in the east is bordered by South China Sea (Kepulauan Riau), and in the west is bordered by the Province of West Sumatra and North Sumatra .

Riau has some agenda of tourism which was held regularly every year, competition among traditional sampan Pekanbaru on the Siak river which is the event in August, Mandi Potang Balimau who celebrated mass for the holy month Ramadan, Menggaru Ikan in the lake Bokuok Kampar, Pacu Jalur ceremony at Taluk Kuantan, which is a ceremonial event that contains the value of traditional culture and sports.

This province also has many natural tourism among Hutan Wisata Wana Bhakti as a useful lung for Pekanbaru city and surrounding areas to prevent pollution due to oil. Pekanbaru precisely in the southern region in the center there is Sebanga Duri taming and training elephants Riau. In addition, natural phenomena do not forget Bono Kuala Kampar roar which is the Kampar river water that rolled like waves that appear simultaneously with the arrival of pairs. The tourist beaches are in the area of Tanjung Pinang and Batam and one of them is the beautiful beach Nongsa with the background scenery and buildings skyscraper city of Singapore. Glitter lamp at night in the city of Singapore, the beautiful scenery from the beach Nongsa.

Are in the city of Pekanbaru there own place among other important Istana Pekabaru have a value of traditional architecture is very interesting and is the oldest mosque in the city of Pekanbaru. In the area of the mosque is a well that have a magical value, often foreign tourists, especially tourists Malaysia bath water well or intention to pay a vow before. Still in the area of Masjid Raya Pekanbaru we can visit the tomb of Sultan Marhum Bukit and Marhum Pekan with the family, we visited the graves of the cemetery was the founder of Pekanbaru city. Balai Adat Riau, this custom built hall for various activities relating to indigenous Resam Melayu Riau, and now often also used for meetings. In addition there Siak Palace, the Kingdom of Siak Sri Indrapura is a Malay Islamic kingdom in the Riau area at the 16th century until the 20th century.

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