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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Maluku is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is Ambon. In 1999, some areas of Maluku province divided into North Maluku province, with its capital in Sofifi. Maluku province consists of islands known as the Maluku Islands.

Maluku (Moluccas), a region of Indonesia formerly known as the Spice Islands, was once the source of cloves and nutmeg, spices highly valued for their aroma, preservative ability, and use in medicine before people learned how to cultivate the plants in other parts of the world. Maluku is a cluster of about one thousand islands totaling 74,504 square kilometers, forming part of the Malay Archipelago in eastern Indonesia near New Guinea.

Maluku tribes dominated by racial ethnic Melanesian Pacific, which was allied with Fiji, Tonga, and some island nations scattered islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Many strong evidence that refers to the Maluku has a tradition of ties with Pacific island nations, such as language, folk songs, food, household appliances and devices and musical instruments typical, example: Ukulele (contained also in the cultural traditions of Hawaii).

They generally have dark skin, curly hair, big and strong skeletons, and a more athletic body profile compared with other ethnic groups in Indonesia, because they are ethnic islands where marine activities such as sailing and swimming are major activities for men.

Maluku lies in the transition zone between Asiatic and Australian flora and fauna and has a tropical climate. Maluku’s flora includes meranti trees and many kinds of orchids; distinctive fauna includes cuscuses, birds of paradise, wild goats, and parrots. The economy is based on subsistence agriculture, especially sago (the sago palm, producing a starch used in food), and on the export of such products as spices, cacao, coffee, coconuts, fish, and minerals. Important indigenous groups include the Ambonese.

Maluku Province is blessed with fabulous sea gardens, idyllic, tropical beaches and spectacular landscapes rich with an enormous variety of endemic plant and animal species. The forest-coated mountains of the islands are home to brilliantly colored king fishers, the red-crested Mollucan cockatoo, and many multi-colored lorikeets and parrots.

One of the beach is Lelisa Beach that across to Namalatu Beach is has coral form till the beach. If see the beach when it has ebb, it will present a beautiful nature scenery that cannot enjoyed in other beach. This beach has become the icon for they who like to Snorkeling, diving, swimming and sunbathing.

Another one was Pintu Kota that is a big coral that looks like a gate and stay at Banda Sea. This tourism object is located in Airlaow village and Seri Village. The uniquely of this is the specific coral form.

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