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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Lampung is a province in the southernmost island of Sumatra. To the north borders of Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Natural state of Lampung, on the west and south, along the coast is a hilly region as a connection from the point on the island of Sumatra, Bukit Barisan. In the middle of the lowlands. Meanwhile, closer to the coast to the east, along the edge of the Java Sea further north, a vast waters.

Sightseeing includes the Way Kambas Elephant Training in East Lampung, tours Bahari Krakatau, and the Lake Ranau.

Woven Tapestry is women’s clothing in the form of interest Lampung sarongs made of woven cotton yarn with decorative motifs or toothpick materials, yarns with silver or gold thread embroidery system (Lampung; “Cucuk”). Thus is the Tapis Lampung is the result of cotton yarn woven with motifs, silver or gold thread and a distinctive tribal clothing Lampung.

Tapis Lampung including traditional kerajian because the equipment used in making the basic fabric and motives hiasnya still simple and done by the craftsmen. This craft is made by women, both housewives and girls (muli-muli), which was originally to fill the leisure time in order to meet the demands of the customs that are considered sacred. Tapestry fabrics currently produced by craftsmen with decorative diverse as commodities that have high economic value.

The music is Classical trandisionalnya Lampung, this kind of music is usually accompanied by a stringed musical instrument and acoustic guitar. Perhaps this kind of music is a fusion of Islamic culture and native culture itself. Some festival events are held with the aim to develop a culture of traditional music without having to worry about losing identity. Krakatau Festival for example, is a festival that is held by the Government which aims to introduce Lampung Lampung to the outside world and also become a means of tourism promotion.

There are various types of dance that is a cultural asset of Lampung Province. One type is the famous dance Worship Dance. The ritual dance is usually held by the public worship lampung to welcome and pay their respects to the guests or the invitation to come, maybe so-so said to be a dance of welcome. Aside from being a ritual of welcome, worship dance was often held in the communities Lampung wedding ceremony.

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