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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI Jakarta) is a province as well as capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is located in the western part of the Java. Jakarta metropolitan Jabotabek together with approximately 23 million people is the largest metropolitan area in Indonesia or the world order in the sixth. Jabotabek area has now integrated with the Bandung Raya, where megapolis Jabotabek Bandung Raya covers about 30 million people, a place in this region megapolis second world, after Tokyo megapolis.

At this time the entrance to the international Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport and Port of Tanjung Priok. Since 2004 Jakarta has integrated transportation, known as Transjakarta. In addition to the state palace, Jakarta is also the headquarters of Bank Indonesia and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Various tourism and recreation in the interest to visit include Port of Sunda Kelapa, Elephant Museum, Fatahillah Museum, National Monument (Monas), Ragunan Zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Indonesia Mini Park) and IMAX Theater Keong Emas, Senayan Park, Ancol Park with its Sea World and Seribu Islands and many more.

As the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a point of national and international culture. Jakarta became the cultural barometer of the nation of Indonesia. Various cultural attractions, culinary, and art is displayed regularly in a variety of cultural events in Jakarta City Center.

Jakarta is a cultural Mestizo culture, or a mixture of diverse ethnic cultures. Since the era of the Netherlands, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, which attract migrants from all over Indonesia. Tribes that inhabit Jakarta among others, Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau, Batak, and Bugis. Jakarta culture also absorbed many of the foreign culture such as Arab culture, China, India, and Portugal.

Tribe Betawi is the native population of Jakarta. Them out of Jakarta and moved to areas in the province of West Java and Banten provinces. To preserve the Betawi culture, a heritage has been build in Situ Babakan.

For traditional music in Jakarta, such as Tanjidor and Gambang Kromong, there is the influence of both ethnic Sundanese such as the use of traditional Rebab (Fiddle) and Trumpet. There is also the influence of foreign as well as Guitar and Trombone from Europe and some traditional Chinese music rhythm.

In the program “Enjoy Jakarta” in 2005, Jakarta develop tourism in the shopping malls, known as the “Mall” or “Plaza” In addition to the central government and trade, Jakarta also build as a city shopping, as well as Singapore and Tokyo. Currently, Jakarta is one of the cities in Asia that have a lot of shopping centers.

Jakarta is an international city which presents many unique food from all over the world. In the regions inhabited by the many foreign expatriates, such as in the area of Menteng, Kemang, Pondok Indah, and Jakarta’s central business district, it is not difficult to meet the food typical of Europe, China, Japan and Korea. Jakarta also has a unique food, the most famous is Kerak Telor and Soto Betawi.

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