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Despite of its Hot Water  Banyuwedang, we will also discuss alternative visit other tourist attractions are tourist hot water PENATAHAN. Unlike the previous tourist attraction, this hot water is located in the TABANAN city. Precisely in the  Penatahan village, Penebel District, approximately 13 kilometers from Tabanan city or 34 kilometers north of Denpasar.

At This place you can watch the scenery and beautiful natural scenery. Backed by a rice field terraces. Hot springs are located on the banks of the river  ‘Yeh Ho’. By the development around the hot water is known by the name Penatahan Paneh Yes. Based on the results of laboratory studies Ministry of Health, Banyuwedang Same with this hot water, hot water Penatahan that also contains sulfur and other mineral elements, so it is good to cure skin diseases.

Penatahan  Hot Water Source was once used as a hot water bath by the Japanese army during the occupation era before the independence of Indonesia. Where penatahan hot springs bath is made. At around 1960 around the hot water springs Penatahan luxury villas built for the tourists. But the luxury building is abandoned now.

Penatahan hot water bathing is the only hot spring in Bali that is designed specifically for the Spa. Location Penatahan Hot Water is very easily reached from Road Batukaru. On the location of the parking lot on the east side there are hot spring penatahan free to the public.
At each spa at Hot Water Penatahan sealed inside the bamboo fence and equipped with jets and blower. There's something unique here is to call the room service is done by hitting the Balinese traditional instrument kulkul. Penatahan hot water bathing is also available a swimming pool with waterfall and swimming pool for children.

Here also there are restaurants serving cuisine with a menu and outside the country for visitors. The view from the restaurant is very beautiful, you can enjoy views of the river in the valley.

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