Hot Water Banyuwedang

Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Hot Water Banyuwedang

For those of you who are always undergoing continuous work activities, sometimes you miss a relaxing time that can make you relaxed and comfortable. Now the island of Bali has a suitable place for you. This place is a tourist hot water Banyuwedang. This tourism object is located in the district of Buleleng. Hot water into the main mascot of this place comes from the hot springs which emerge at the beach. Banyuwedang hot water is the largest hot springs. You do not worry about the level of security because this resort is equipped with ring-shaped concrete building. This building serves as a dike, so that at the time of high tides, hot water is not mixed with seawater.

The local government plans to develop this area as an area for health pariwisaa karenaa not only has beautiful scenery, levels of sulfur in the hot water is quite high. Therefore, hot water is believed by the public Banyuwedang around or tourists can cure various diseases especially skin diseases.
Hot water is located in the Village Banyuwedang Pejarakan District Gerokgak 60 kilometers from the town of Singaraja, lane boundary area of West Bali National Park. Mangrove plants grow around the coast from this hot water source to prevent coastal erosion. Therefore, it can be said that the beach is free from abrasion Banyuwedang.

Regarding the facilities, equipment and infrastructure have no doubt. The road to the hot water from the street flavor Banyuwedang Singaraja-Gilimanuk majors are fastened, as well as parking facilities are available to order. In different hot springs in the dike has been constructed a building which is equipped with several bathrooms closed. Bayuwedang hot water in the area there are also toilet facilities built by the national park bali west, and some shelter. You interested? Have a look at hot spring resorts this Banyuwedang. The number of domestic tourists are higher when compared with foreign tourists. Visitors who come mostly for medical reasons.

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