Banten West Java

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Banten is a province in Java, Indonesia. This province was a part of West Java province, but separated since 2000. Region include Serang, Lebak, Pandeglang, Tangerang, Cilegon City, Tangerang City, City of South Tangerang. Its capital city of Serang.

Socio-cultural conditions Banten colored by cultural uniqueness and potential of people is vary, ranging from the art of Pencak Silat, Debus, Rudat, Umbruk, Saman dance, Topeng dance, Dog-Dog, Palingtung, and Lojor. Although many art in Banten, the Debus is the most popular. Almost all traditional art colored with a very thick ethics of Islam.

There is also the traditional art that came from outside the city of Banten, but all of them have experienced the process of cultural aculturation so impressed as Banten traditional art, such as Kuda Lumping art, Tayuban, Gambang kromong and dance Cokek. Besides, there are also residual ancestral heritage among others, Great Old Banten Mosque, Panjang (Long) Cemetery, Al-A’zhom Mosque.

Baduy tribe is a tribe of native Sundanese Banten tradition that is still awake anti modernization, how to dress well and other patterns of life. Baduy Rawayan tribe living in Kendeng Mountain Cultural Reserve in Kenekes area, Leuwidamar district in Lebak. Baduy village community generally located in the Ciujung river in the Kendeng mountains. This area is known as the land of the ancestors, which must be maintained and kept good, can not be destroyed, can not be recognized as private property rights.

Custom house is a stage house with leaves roof and floor made from bamboo slice, while the walls build from Gedek. Stone is used to buffer the houses that have been made in such a way that shaped beam over the edges like stones used to grind rice pad.

Nature tourism that can be found in Banten among others, Ujung Kulon National Park, Umang islan, and Mount Krakatau. Ujung Kulon is one of the national parks and beautiful nature conservation location in the world. In this location, we can see the beauty of tropical forests. This location consists of several small islands, some of which are islands Peucang, Handeuleum, Panaitan, and mountain Honje. Characteristic of this national park is its role as a place for different types of animals that are protected for example, Java Rhinoceros, Deer, Menjangan, Banteng, Primate, Pigs, Cats, Lemur, and many kinds of birds.

Umang Island located in the Pandeglang beach area of tourism, near the tourist area of Tanjung Lesung. Area tourism is managed by a private company that provides various recreational facilities and entertainment destinations. On the island, there is a resort styled with a touch of artistic experience, complete with meeting rooms, cafe, spa, business center, sunset lounge, beach club, swimming pool and so forth.

Mount Krakatau, located in the Sunda strait is one of the famous mountain in the world, because of the tremendous eruption in 1883. Mount Krakatau explosion formed the new mountain that is now known as the Son of Krakatau that appear to surface in the year 1928 up to now that is still active. Located in the Sunda strait, the area of nature tourism is easily accessible from Carita beach in Anery about one hour by motor boat. Location of this tour offers a tour of nature such as camping, walking, fishing, and natural sea beautiful scenery.

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