Menjangan Island

Rabu, 20 April 2011

If you love diving and adventure under the sea, came to the island of Menjangan. This is an island located in the area of West Bali National Park (TNBB). the waters around this island is a destination travelers, due to the underwater scenery is very beautiful. You know, the beauty of the underwater panorama Menjangan Island is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Coral reefs are composed like terracing and against the wall to a depth of 50 meters. There are blue coral, table coral reefs and various other types of protected government. That said, the beauty of the underwater scenery in this area is not less than the underwater scenery in the Caribbean.

No wonder, had long since become an arena area diving activities of foreign tourists. Usually, the tourists had crossed over to Menjangan Island in the morning and returned to the island of Bali in the afternoon. Using a motor boat, crossed over to Menjangan Bali Island or vice versa, takes about 30 minutes.
To get to dive at Menjangan Island, tourists can directly to Labuhan Lalang which became the crossings. Location approximately 10 kilometers north of Port Gilimanuk. Log in to the location of this crossing, tourist levy charged Rp 2,500 per person and can rent a boat for Rp 250 thousand for five hours.

This boat can carry 12 passengers maximum. Typical of this boat is, the deck is made of glass so that tourists can enjoy the underwater panorama of the boat. This design is prepared for the tourists who are reluctant to dive, but want to enjoy the underwater scenery.

There are at least 5000 tourists visiting the island of Menjangan each month. Most of them are foreign tourists from Europe such as Holland and France. The other half are tourists from Asia such as Korea and Japan. Domestic tourists? Only occasionally there is a group of local tourists who visit there. They usually do not dive, but just enjoy the beauty of the underwater world on a boat.
Those who want to dive in the waters but worried Menjangan lost beneath the sea because they do not know the terrain, can hire a guide who had experienced dive. If you are reluctant to dive, snorkel tourists can do to enjoy the beauty of the underwater penarama. Satisfied witnessing natural beauty under the sea, tourists can spend time while sitting, swimming, or bathing on the beach island is uninhabited.

As the name implies, this island is inhabited by many deer. While relaxing in this island, do not be surprised if, suddenly appeared from behind the horned animals bush. That he deer. In the past, the island deer population is quite a lot. But hunting is done by a number of people who are not responsible, deer population on this island, shrinking .. The government seems aware of it. The government's conservation of Menjangan Island to enter the zone TNBB, is a step to protect the habitat for deer from extinction.

Not just coral reefs and deer. West Bali National Park is also known as a habitat for starlings starlings bali or white. Once, hundreds of white-feathered bird and blue eyes that inhabit the forest area in TNBB. However, again caused by mischievous hands, a bird whose price could reach USD 50 million per cow was hunted down and destroyed now. Lucky, still have a place of Bali starlings in captivity on the island of Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency.

Visited the westernmost island of Bali, not to spend too hot tourist attraction in the village of Kima Source. Local tourists from different regions in Bali often travel there, especially for hot water bath from a natural spring. It is said that this hot water can cure some diseases. ''I am a regular basis, especially every school holidays, come to bathe here with the children and family members,''said Wayan Tirta, citizens from Buleleng regency.

Satisfied bathing in hot water, you can move on to the east about 10 km to reach the Temple Pulaki. Here, ratusa monkey ready to welcome you. The monkeys were tame and very friendly with tourists who come. Only, do not be lulled by their gentle attitude. Because, behind the friendly style and docile, they were rather curious as to open the lock or grab bag of jewelry.

Given the vast territory, it took at least one day to enjoy the interesting places in Bali the western part of this. No need to worry, if you must stay. Many hotels and hotels to choose from jasmine as a place to sleep. Rates are relatively inexpensive, can be negotiable too. If you intend to continue the journey to the East such as Denpasar Bali or Bali, you should stay in the State, the capital of Jembrana regency. In this city, available options are more varied accommodation. You also can easily find chitterlings, whether for dinner or breakfast. Visit Indonesia make you enjoy

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