Batur Mountain

Rabu, 20 April 2011

Bali Has alot of amazing holiday places, not only in kuta, sanur or Ubud, but also others places like Batur Mountain. Do you love climbing? if you like, i recomend you to climb that Mountain.
Onesly, i dont really like climbing, but my friends suddenly picked me up in the evening. They said, its challenge for me Climbing in the dark night. Wow, the first experience for me to climbing the Batur Mountain.
I asked to my friend, why we have to climb at night? They said, if we climb the mountain at night so that when we reached the top we could see the sun rise. Ow..i think its a good idea..

Thanks to a vigorous campaign, this time climbing has become a mascot tour of Mount Batur. And not only climb to the top of Mount Batur, lately there are many tourists who make tracking activity in the region. Tracking them to do with or around Lake Batur Batur Caldera.Therefore, this activity is known as Tracking Batur Caldera. This is the location of the new climb, a far more challenging than the previous location because the location along the climb there are also a number of tourist attractions, such as rock climbing and burial in Trunyan Hindus..

Mount Batur is located approximately 64 kilometers northeast of Denpasar city, and entered in the subdistrict of Kintamani, Bangli regency. There are several versions of the mountain and kalderanya, but some sources state that Mount Batur from ancient mountain huge and had several times broke, two caldera formed. Well, Mount Batur caldera appeared in the middle of it. Mount Batur itself had erupted in 1849, 1888, 1904, 1927, 1963, 1968, 1974 and 1994, with the largest eruption in 1927.

Currently, Batur Caldera became the most popular areas for climbing objects. According to the record number of Toyabungkah hotelier, where the start of the climb, had almost all the tourists who stay in Toyabungkah make the climb to Mount Batur. Only a few (five percent) are not climbing. While now, 90 percent of tourists to climb Mount Batur Caldera, only five percent who climbed Mount Batur, and the rest do not climb.

What is so special about this mountain? question may appear in your mind. According to the foreign tourists who often climb the mountain shelf has several features that are not owned by any other mountains. Mount Batur has long been known as a place to climb. Once, around 1980's, students and students of nature lovers, often make the climb to the top of this mountain. At first, the students climb Mount Batur in the afternoon. That, too, they did just a hobby to look for edelweis flowers as souvenirs. But then, they 'change direction' to climb Mount Batur in the early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

Once tourists often feel worried would trouble finding a place to stay in the village of Toyabungkah. Now, it does not need to worry there. There, dozens of hotels available jasmine with a nice facility. Room rental costs fairly low, not more than Rp 200 thousand per night with a room that could be occupied by two people. For those of you who want an atmosphere of 'natural', just rent a tent from a local hotel. You can set up camp in the area of the hotel, which is providing the location for camping.

foreign tourists who come to the group usually choose to rent a tent because they are more like a natural. Staying at Toyabungkah is the best option for tourists who want to climb the peak of Mount Batur. At least, first tourists can adapt to nature, especially adjusting to the air in the cool Batur area.

Do not want to stay in Toyabungkah? Okay to stay in Denpasar or elsewhere. But, this means you will waste time, because the tourists have to get up early morning to get to the place of ascent. ''If there are obstacles on the road, we'll be late to climb and can not see the sunrise. This loss was not being able to enjoy maximum natural beauty of Mount Batur,''said Tria, employees of Bank Indonesia Denpasar, who recently climbed Mount Batur and enjoying the beautiful panorama of sunrise nan. if you are challenged to see the sunrise at the top of the mountain this shelf? Come to seeing .. Visit Indonesia.

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