Kusamba Beach Bali

Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Kusamba Beach is a tourist attraction that is very interesting to visit. This beach is located 7 miles to the east of the city Semarapura. In addition, this beach is a beach fisherman and also place of traditional salt-making. We can see every day the fishermen who were going to sea for fishing and salt farmers who were making salt at the beach.

Canoe fishermen lined up on the beach under palm trees, as well as salt-making huts lined along the beach. That raises an interesting scene. For tourists who are visiting Bali, this tour is ideal objects to be selected as one of the destinations.

About 3 miles to the east of Kusamba there is a cave inhabited by bats and a temple. Second place was later called as a temple cave Lawah. The cave at this place was in a rock hill full of bats. Although less attractive, but this temple was very old and has a huge meaning for the Balinese.

The cave at this place was mentioned to have occupants, namely a giant snake named Naga Basuki and bats are food for a giant snake. Called also, in this cave traced to the inside, it will bring you up to the temple of Besakih. But until now there has been no volunteers who are willing to prove it. enjoy the KUSAMBA BEACH :)

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