Sanur Beach

Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Sanur Beach is famous as a beautiful beach. It can be known by the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa, a king of the Singhadwala in the year 917 AD Currently, there are inscriptions in the area Blanjong, the southern part of Sanur Beach.

In 1932, Sanur beach is introduced as a tourist destination to the international world by AJ Le Mayeur, an artist from Belgium who came to Bali. The appeal of the beautiful Sanur beach makes Le Mayeur decided to stay there and founded the studio painting. Then he married a Balinese girl named Ni Nyoman Pollok. His wife is a famous Legong dancer and became one of his painting models. Through this painting, Le Mayeur introduced to the World international sanur beach.

If the attractin of Kuta Beach is beautiful sunset, then one of the mainstay attraction Sanur beach is sunrise. Stretch of white sand that runs in a curved shape that topograft cluster of very beautiful beaches. While enjoying the moments of the beautiful appearance of the sun, the tourists can see the group of islands peninda homeland in the southeast and the panorama of the southern coast of the island of Bali.
Sanur beach sea water reflux it clear eye on the group of islands and buki attacks rock that juts into the sea on the south coast of Sanur. Tourists are usually in the evening can enjoy. In addition, the beauty of coral reefs are colorful can also pamper the eyes of the tourists when the waves are not too big.

Geographically, the coastal village of Sanur is located in Sanur, Denpasar District, the city of Denpasar, Bali province. Distance traveled to arrive at the beach sanur from Denpasar town is about 6 kilometers. Besides can be reached by private vehicles, tourists can also use public transport which has routes between Sanur-Denpasar.

For tourists who want to stay around the area of ​​Sanur beach. There are many hotels around Sanur beach. Starting from jasmine-class hotels, or hotels. Like the Sanur Beach Hotel, Resort Parigata, Segara Village Hotel, or Ratna Beach Hotel. In addition, various kinds of restaurants are also numerous in the Sanur beach. As Warung Pancenongan, Lotus Pond Restaurant, Restaurant jimbar rock cafe, restaurants padang Minang gods, and the House sari Bundo. And for tourists who want to buy souvenirs, sanur beach in the tourist areas there are also many souvenir stalls that sell various items of art and by-the typical beach. Enjoy Your Tour in Indonesia, because our country has alot of beautiful places that you can enjoy. :)

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