Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Taking a walk this time is Relax with my girlfriend in Angkirang COFFEE JOSS. Last night, me and my girlfriend went to a hangout place, namely coffee JOSS, people call Joss because coffee, coffee served in a charcoal heat input, and produce sounds JOSSS, therefore, the coffee is called Kopi Joss.

All can be relaxed here. The menu offered around the rice cat and of course coffee JOSS. Because we went on Saturday night, it was very crowded. Relax here you can feel a different atmosphere, you can relax while listening to the trains passing by, because the location of this famous coffee this Joss along the road beside the railway station. The train is the Tugu railway station.

You can choose where to sit in two places provided. If you want to chat with the traders, you can sit near the basket or brazier. Addition to being able to tell by Lik Man, sitting near the basket will make it easier if you want to add food. But if you want more berakraban with friends, you can sit on mats on the sidewalk held lengthwise across the street. No need to worry that not enough space for the long sidewalk that was called the mat almost 100 meters.

While seated, you are given the freedom to speak anything. The people who often come to this famous place to talk about various things, from serious themes such as demonstrations and plan a theme issue of the magazine up to the light like a student where a holiday or just want to ridicule not clear who is often called gojeg beggar. There was no formal ban, but a clear need to maintain the culture of this famous, namely tepo sliro (tolerance), willingness to share and biso rumongso (keeping other people's feelings). Can be interpreted not have to fight for places and appreciate others who sat nearby.

A number of prominent figures have made Angkringan Lik Man as a place to enjoy the night. There Butet Katarajasa, Djaduk Ferianto, Emha Ainun Nadjib, Bondan Nusantara until Marwoto. So, you should not miss the atmosphere of the night without a visit to the city of Yogyakarta Angkringan Lik Man. Enjoy the feel that once enjoyed by many people in Yogyakarta and a number of figures mentioned above.

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