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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Bengkulu (formerly known as Bencoolen, Benkoelen, or Bengkulen, some call Bangkahulu) is a province located on the island of Sumatra. To the north is bordered by West Sumatra, in the east of Jambi and South Sumatra, while in the south with the Lampung. The West region of Bengkulu Province is bordered by the Indian Ocean along the coast form a 525 km. Conditions in the Eastern region with a hilly plateau of fertile mountain chain.

Bengkulu has a diverse tourism, both tourism nature, culture and history. Nature tourism, among others, Kaba hill in Curup, Semaleko sulfur hill in South Lebong, flowers Raflesia Arnoldi in Taba Pananjung. Recreational beaches, among other Panjang Nala beach in Gading Cempaka, white sand beach in Baai Island Selebar, lakes in Selebar, Tes lake in South Lebong, Pagar Gunung reserves in Kepahyang, Lubuk Tapi reserves in Pino, and so forth. Cultural tourism, among other arts Tabot, Enggano folk dance, and crafts Kain Besurek. Tours include historical heritage house Bung Karno, Malborough fort, and Thomas Par monument in Segara gulf.

Bengkulu province population comes from three major ethnic family consists of Rejang tribe, Serawai, and Malay tribe. While the song is Lalan Balek. Fabric is typical of Bengkulu Kain Besurek (cloth with Arabic letters bald). Public religion in the Province of Bengkulu generally Islam. Custom ceremony also made many people in the province of Bengkulu, such as circumcision apostle, traditional wedding ceremony, ceremony shaved a new born child.

One is a traditional ritual ceremony TABOT that is a traditional celebration which was held from 1 until the date 10 Muharram every year, to commemorate the death of Hasan and Husen grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW by the family of the Syiah Yalid, in a battle in Karbala in the year 61 Hijriah. At the celebration is held TABOT various exhibitions and competitions Ikan-Ikan, Telong-Telong, and the other arts, followed by arts groups in the Province of Bengkulu, which makes entertainment event of the people and became one of the annual tourist calendar.

One of the characteristics known from this province is the existence of the Rafflesia flower. Rafflesia is known that many people is the type of Rafflesia Arnoldii. This only grows in the forest Sumatera the south, especially Bengkulu. One place where the most good and easy to find the Rafflesia flower Arnoldii this is in the forest along the road Bengkulu Curup after Kepahyang. Rafflesia flowers have been used as the main motif of Batik Besurek (typical batik Bengkulu)

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