Taking Picture at Glagah Beach Yogyakarta

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Glagah Beach Yogyakarta

I want share my experience about this beach “glagah Beach”. This Beach is located in central java, precisely in Kulon progo Yogyakarta . Glagah beach This beach is so beautiful, because there are alot of stone breakwaters. The spacious coastal plains and long coastline which also gives you a number of alternative locations to see the beautiful views of the beach. Each location has a different feel as though they are located in one area. At each location, you can enjoy all the beautiful beach without boundaries, there is absolutely no huge coral reefs that sometimes blocked the view of the eye.

The first location is very appropriate to see the sights of the beach is a location that will be the port the next few years. You can find the place when on the turn after the postal charges, the sign is a signpost that read PP. Meeting watershed management and the ocean waves can be seen by climbing harmony view post found there.
When i visit this beach, that situation rainy, our planed was taking picture with my Girlfriend. Wind was run fastly. But, we kept continue to take the picture.

This is my Photo :)

You can even enjoy the beach facilities with visiting plantation agro Kusumo Wanadri. There, you can observe the cultivation process of panacea, such as dragon fruit and flowers Roselle. In addition, you can also hire gethek, canoes and ducks paddle that can be used for tours of the lagoon or just cross the wooden bridge towards the sand dune area on the beach.

Tired of walk, you can rest in a hut in the area of ​​plantation Lesbian Kusumo Wanadri. A number of exotic food and drink menu are worth trying. You can taste fresh dragon fruit juice and is known to cure various diseases, or order Roselle flower syrup that will quench your thirst and neutralize various toxins in the body.

To enjoy thewholebeauty of the scenery Glagah beach , youcan go across the two alternative roads . First, traveling south through the streets of Bantul and turn right into the path of Bantul - Purworejo after arriving in Palbapang. Second, walk west past the trajectory path of Yogyakarta - Wates - Purworejo and turn left after the encounter signpost Glagah Beach. You can use a personal vehicle for easier access.

The drive to this beach is not as difficult as the trip to the beach in the area of ​​Gunung Kidul. The roads are traversed is flat and not much incline so you can take it while relaxing. The path towards the town of Purworejo it also connects Glagah Beach with other beaches in Kulon Progo Regency. So, once paddling oars, two of the three islands are exceeded, you can visit other beaches afterwards.

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