Goverment in Bali

Kamis, 21 April 2011

Goverment in Bali is very friendly for the tourists. Bali is one of the 26 provinces of Indonesia. Within Bali there are eight kabupatens or disctricts, which under the Dutch were known as regencies. They are, with their district capitals :                                              District :Capital

Badung : Denpasar
Bangli : Bangli
Buleleng : Singaraja
Gianyar: Gianyar
Jembrana :Negara
Karangasem : Amlapura
Klungkung : Semarapura
Tabanan : Tabanan

Badung in the south is the most populous district. Each district is headed by a government official known as a bupati. The districts are further subdivided into the sub districts called Kecamatan headed by a camat, the perbekels, headmen in charge of a desa ( village ) and finally, an enormous number of banjars, the local divisions of a village.

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