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Komodo National Park consists of three large islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar island as well as 26 large islands / other small. A total of 11 pieces of the mountain / hill in the Park with the highest peak is Mount Satalibo (± 735 meters above sea level).

Natural state of the dry and arid make a uniqueness. The existence of vast savannas, water resources are limited and temperatures hot enough, it turns out to be the habitat favored by a kind of ancient animals Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis).

Much of this national park is savanna with palm trees (Borassus flabellifer) the most dominant and distinctive. Some plants that exist in the Park, among others, rattan (Calamus sp.), Bamboo (Bambusa sp.), Acid (Tamarindus indica), bulging (Sterculia foetida), lote (Ziziphus jujuba), and mangrove (Rhizophora sp.)

In addition to the typical wildlife of Komodo, there are deer (Cervus timorensis floresiensis), wild boar (Sus scrofa), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), wild horse (Equus qaballus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), 2 species of sea turtles, 10 species of dolphins , 6 species of whales and dugongs are often seen in marine waters of Komodo National Park.

The potential of marine life in this park, there were 259 types of coral and 1,000 species of fish such as barracuda, marlin, yellow tail, red snapper, baronang, and others.

Komodo National Park is a national asset that has the support of technical assistance to its management internationally, and has been designated as World Natural Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Komodo Habitat Savannah

Tourists mostly visit the Komodo National Park are foreign tourists, where they call this a national park with the nickname "own world". As far as the eye could see visible open field with a few palm trees that towered into the sky against a background straight chain of mountains, arid and barren impression on savanna but noisy by some of the sound of birds and wild horses, giant reptiles. Swimming and bathing under the hot sun and blue sea of ​​Flores, is a world unto itself and the experience is not forgotten by the tourists.

Some locations / attractions to be visited:
Loh Liang. The main entrance to the wildlife observation activities on monsoon forest bordered by white sand beaches and cultural tourism.
Pulau Lasa, Red Beach, Loh Bo and Sebita. Diving and snorkeling dive shop facilities and glass bottom boat.
Banu Nggulung. Wildlife observation.

The best visiting season: March to June and October to December each year.

How to reach the location: Denpasar, Mataram, Bima, Sape (travel overland and ferry) for two days. From Sape national park by ferry. Denpasar-Labuan Bajo by plane twice a week, and by ferry or speedboat from Labuan Bajo to the Park.


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Taking a walk this time is Relax with my girlfriend in Angkirang COFFEE JOSS. Last night, me and my girlfriend went to a hangout place, namely coffee JOSS, people call Joss because coffee, coffee served in a charcoal heat input, and produce sounds JOSSS, therefore, the coffee is called Kopi Joss.

All can be relaxed here. The menu offered around the rice cat and of course coffee JOSS. Because we went on Saturday night, it was very crowded. Relax here you can feel a different atmosphere, you can relax while listening to the trains passing by, because the location of this famous coffee this Joss along the road beside the railway station. The train is the Tugu railway station.

You can choose where to sit in two places provided. If you want to chat with the traders, you can sit near the basket or brazier. Addition to being able to tell by Lik Man, sitting near the basket will make it easier if you want to add food. But if you want more berakraban with friends, you can sit on mats on the sidewalk held lengthwise across the street. No need to worry that not enough space for the long sidewalk that was called the mat almost 100 meters.

While seated, you are given the freedom to speak anything. The people who often come to this famous place to talk about various things, from serious themes such as demonstrations and plan a theme issue of the magazine up to the light like a student where a holiday or just want to ridicule not clear who is often called gojeg beggar. There was no formal ban, but a clear need to maintain the culture of this famous, namely tepo sliro (tolerance), willingness to share and biso rumongso (keeping other people's feelings). Can be interpreted not have to fight for places and appreciate others who sat nearby.

A number of prominent figures have made Angkringan Lik Man as a place to enjoy the night. There Butet Katarajasa, Djaduk Ferianto, Emha Ainun Nadjib, Bondan Nusantara until Marwoto. So, you should not miss the atmosphere of the night without a visit to the city of Yogyakarta Angkringan Lik Man. Enjoy the feel that once enjoyed by many people in Yogyakarta and a number of figures mentioned above.

Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

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Parangtritis beach is located in the Yogyakarta city. This beach is famous enough to become one of the icons are owned by the city of Yogyakarta tourism. According to the story, parangtritis name itself comes when a person who fled from the kingdom majapahit, he is Dipokusumo. And he was praying in the region. When he was meditating, he saw water dripping (Tumaritis) from the crevices of the rock (machete). Then he gave the name of the area as parangtritis which means the water that drips from the stone. 
Although the panorama of the parangtritis  beach may not exotic beaches in Bali, the interest of tourists, both local and foreign companies will not be reduced to visit the beach this parangtritis. The beach is always crowded by tourists.

The arrival of tourists visiting this beach will be greeted by grains of fine sand flying in the wind. This coastal region of sloping contours smoothly with the sequential hill  and rocky cliffs that adorn the western end of the beach. The east side of the beach is composed of beach Parangkusumo, Gumuk Sand, opaque river estuary, Depok Beach, and a row of other beaches.

For tourists who want to test the nerve, paragliding from the cliffs on the west elevation can be a challenge. In this way, you will be able to watch the beautiful landscape with the sky and the sea is blue. In addition, tourists can also try rock climbing gym. When it is up to the peak, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sea view.
For tourists who want a relaxed atmosphere, playing the waves and building sandcastles on the beach can be a fun activity while enjoying a snack in the form of dent jingking. Because the waves are notoriously dangerous and have caused many casualties, you should not too much to play around with the waves. As for the tourists who want to enjoy the beauty along the beach, can walk along the shore until far into the west row of dunes, sand dunes that resemble the desert in the middle east region.

Getting late, the charm of this beach will look more beautiful. The sun is beginning to fall into peraduannya make the color bright blue sky before slowly turned into a golden orange or red. Charm of a beautiful sunset this is a very interesting object for your photography enthusiasts.

Parangtritis located in the parangtritisis village, district of kretek, Bantul regency, province of Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. This beach is located about 27 kilometers to the south of Yogyakarta city. The beach is very easy to achieve because the course is relatively flat. To reach this beach, there are two alternative routes that can be taken by tourists from the city of Yogyakarta. First, the route of Yogyakarta - street parangtritis - Kretek - Parangtritis. This path is the main line. Second, the route of Yogyakarta - Imogiri - siluk - Parangteritis. Although further, this line presents a panorama of nature better than the first route.
For tourists who are not using private vehicles, public buses could become an alternative transportation. From Terminal Giwangan, you can take a bus to the line Jogja - Parangteritis.

Tanjung Lesung Beach

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Still in the area of ​​Banten City, now I want to write about Tanjung Lesung Beach. The name was taken from a beach is a tool used to pound rice. Mainland that juts into the sea that resembles the mortar, Because of that, this beach is Called Lesung (mortar ,in english). 
This beach has an area of ​​about 150 hectares. Tanjung Lesung Beach was officially opened since mid-January 1998. Tourist area is relatively new, but has complete facilities.

The tourists who visit this beach to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, fine white sand  and the winds that blow. A sloping sandy beach reached 15 Kilometers. Thus, the tourists can sunbathe, make sand sculptures from the beach, playing soccer and beach volleyball.
Because this beach is not a position overlooking the sea,, wind and waves on the beach is not too big. Therefore, tourists can swim, boat ride, play jet skiing, and snorkeling. With many species of fish found on this beach, the tourists who have fishing hobby to hobby while on vacation.
For tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs, jellyfish, snails, and fish that swim along the shoreline, you can rent scuba gear there.
This tourist area also has a coral reef conservation interesting to visit. With a view of conservation, the tourists can learn how to preserve the enchantment under the sea that has begun this rare .
In the morning and afternoon, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Sea birds are flying low. Beautiful moments can be enjoyed by the tourists from the shelter or tourist cabins. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride for rent there.

Tanjung Lesung beach is located in the village of Tanjung Jaya,  Panimbang, Pandeglang district, Banten province, Indonesia. You can go to this beach from Jakarta, there are two alternative routes that you can pass.
First, a trip to the beach of tanjung lesung through toll roads - the peacock, exit through the east gate toll attack. After passing the town of attack, the journey continues towards the town of Pandeglang and Labuan, to arrive at cape coast mortar.
Second, through the Jakarta-Merak toll road, then out through the tollgate of Cilegon, subsequently followed by a trip along the coast of Anyer, Carita, Labuan continued towards Cape Coast until he came Dimples. The distance that the approximately 160 kilometers with a travel time of about 3 hours. Public tranportation the provided there.

Tanjung Lesung Beach is provided homestay, homestay, guesthouse, hotel, villas, resorts and cottages with varying rates. If You Want to chose a cheap one. This is the place that you can choose: Tanjung Lesung Vilas Bay Hotel & Resort, Hawaii, a club Bali Resort and Villa Kalicca. In addition, this beach also has many shops, restaurants and restaurants with various cuisines.

Especially every Saturday night, restaurants and restaurants along this coast seafood seafood provides an segari, namely barbeque. The tourists who visit coastal resorts will not be cut off communications with the outside world, because in this region have found the Internet network.
To add to the convenience of tourists, this beach tourist area also provides a variety of other facilities. Like the tourist information center, coast guard, money chager, spacious parking area, banana boat, glass bottom boat, snorkeling, Sea Kayak, mini golf course, swimming pool, fishing pond, park, shelter, children's playground, souvenir center , boat rentals and boat speed.

Carita Beach - Banten

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One of the destinations that I would write is carita beach. Carita Beach is located on the highway Carita - Labuan and is one of the main route linking the major tourist attractions in the area of ​​the western coast of Banten, very strategic, and thus easily reached by tourists. 
In addition, this beach is also not too far from Jakarta, so very popular and much visited by domestic or foreign. Carita beach crowded tourist areas visited by the tourists, particularly during weekends or holidays.

Coastal resorts are located in Tanjung Carita presents a beautiful panorama that is a blend of white sand that slope with vegetation typical of the green coast. Clean white sand that is very interesting for those who want to sunbathe or play beach soccer or volleyball. Other activities that can be done is to create a sculpture of pasri and bury themselves in sand.

With a relatively small waves. The tourists can play the surf and swim at the beach. For tourists who want to enjoy other rides at this beach there are also leasing a variety of game tools, such as boat, jet ski, speed boat, and banana boat. If you are a hobby of fishing, at Carita beach is a place for various kinds of fish, so it is suitable for hobby fishing. Cimeti Cikembang River and the river close to the beach Carita. The water is clearer and more beautiful with the background of green hills.

Carita beach tourist area has a marine park. Marine parks can be reached about 2 hours by motor boat from Carita beach. Day is a great time to visit it. Because the tourists will be amazed after seeing various species of fish and coral reefs are full Collor.

When it was late afternoon, sunset is another scorching power of this friend carita beach. Mount Krakatoa and Anak Krakatoa volcano that stands firmly in the distance complete the charm of this beach..Never stop Ending Holiday in Indonesia

The Beautiful Indonesia Photoes (national geografic version)

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These are Amazing Photoes of Indonesia. Let we see...


Carat Waterfall Bali

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The Last, i will write about Carat Waterfall, Bali. Carat waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. This waterfall is located in the village Tamblang, District Kubutambahan, Singaraja Regency. The distance is about 85 kilometers from Denpasar, or about 34 kilometers from Kintamani. From Denpasar, go to Gianyar/ Kintamani. Having arrived in Kintamani, continue the journey toward Singaraja (via Kubutambahan) to arrive at the village Tamblang and see signposts to Carat Waterfall on the right road. Next you just  as far as 600 meters walking to the waterfall.

To reach this waterfall necessary effort and energy. From the highway, you must pass through the small streets made by woven bamboo  above a small stream. After that, you will pass the path between the plantation population overgrown clove and coffee. Waterfall closer, the road goes down and the steep and winding, with steep cliffs on your left. Along the road to the location of the waterfall there are many water pipes that deliver clean water to local residents.

At Carat Waterfall there are two waterfalls, a large waterfall (high) and a small waterfall. You can only reach a small waterfall, which is about 4 meters. You can see the beauty of this waterfall up close, even to bathe and play there. If a high waterfall, you can only see it from afar. Actually high waterfall that was under a small waterfall, so you can only see this waterfall from the top instead of bottom / front. High waterfall located in a very steep cliffs and deep. If you want to shoot, you have to walk following the direction of the pipes to arrive at a place, under extremely high cliffs and steep like a wall.

Anyer Beach Banten Indonesia

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Anyer Beach is famous as a tourist destination since the 1980s. Its location is not too far from the Jakarta. Close to the city of Jakarta, the beach has become one of favorite tourist attraction. The beach has become increasingly popular after the government district of Serang and Banten provincial government has tried to develop it into one of the famous maritime tourist attraction in Indonesia. Follow-up, various support facilities are quite complete and representative has many built on the coast of Anyer. 

The tourists can enjoy the blue sea view with the background of the horizon which is also colored blue. In addition, tourists can sunbathe, make a sculpture of sand or beach sports activities, such as beach volleyball and football on the sand beach.

The tourists can also swim and dive, sea water is  clear and clean. For tourists who have a hobby of fishing and surfing, they also can channel his hobby at Anyer beach area, because the waves are quite large and occupied a lot of fish.

Another attraction for tourists to witness the charm of sunrise and sunset. Panorama has become more beautiful with so many low-flying sea birds and occasionally grabbing fish along the coast. Beautiful panorama can be enjoyed from the shelters park, tourist huts, or from the boat that runs slowly on the edge of this coastal region beach . there is also a lighthouse which can be a place for see the  beauty of the beach from above.

Anyer Beach is located in the subdistrict of Anyer, Serang regency, Banten province, Indonesia. The distance between the coast of Anyer and Jakarta is about 160 kilometers. Can be taken about 2 hours. If departing from the town of Serang, distance to be traveled by the tourists is about 35 kilometers.

From Jakarta, the tourists can go through the Jakarta-Merak toll road and then exit via the motorway West Cilegon. After that, the journey continues towards the coast of Anyer. Along the way, there are many signposts that will help you get there to reach the site. Travelers can use a personal vehicle. But tourists can also use the services of transport, eg bus or train majors Jakarta - Merak.

Home stay, guesthouse, Hotel, Resort, Cottage and Villa. With various types, there are a lot here. You do not have to worry if you want to stay at the beach-inn anyer.Penginapan include: Anyer Hotel, Sol Elite Marbella, and Patra Jasa Anyer Beach Resort. It also provides a tourist area network facilities to access the internet and communications network, Local or Long Distance and International. So you can still keep in touch with your family at home.

For food lovers, there are many food vendors at this Anyer beach. Tent stalls along the coast, as well as restaurants and restaurants with different menus you can enjoy. Restaurants and restaurants in the area of ​​Anyer beach this: Hana, Valentine Damar Sea, the Elbe and Midori Japanese.

In addition, many other facilities that you can enjoy. Like the tourist information center, tourist guides, coast guard, garden and secure parking area, children's playground, arena, sunbathing, swimming, camping ground, tourist huts, shelters, centers of souvenirs, and boat rentals speedboat, diving suite and bike rental.

South East Sulawesi Indonesia

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Southeast Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia, located on the island of Sulawesi. The capital of the province is Kendari, on the east coast of the peninsula. This province is bordered by South and Central Sulawesi in the north, the South Flores Sea, Banda Sea at the East and Bone bay in the West.

A native of South Sulawesi consists of 5 different types of ethnic tribes Tolaki, Morunene tribe, the tribe of Buton, Muna tribe and tribe Bajo. To manage the relationship between public life, have a valid law always be obeyed by citizens. Type of law, among other Land law, Law of society association, Marriage Law and Inheritance law.

South East Sulawesi province has a different type of art that enrich potential culture of Indonesia. One of the arts community is a dance that is presented at each traditional ceremony and welcome guests that is accompanied by traditional music among others Gong, Kecapi and bamboo Flute. Southeast Sulawesi is also famous with silver carving and plaited rattan and Gempol handicraft from the root wood.

Dance that is identical with the Southeast Sulawesi called Lulo or Molulo dance. This dance was originally a sacred dance that is full and philosophical, but in its development Molulo now become a dance or folk dance association who usually done spontaneously on every event that either party or festival conducted by institutions or organization.

One of the unique attractions in Southeast Sulawesi is located in Muna, the stallion compete attraction to win the filly. Horses complaint is one of the popular traditional sport in Southeast Sulawesi and has become an interesting spectacle for the public.

Objects and tourist attractions in Southeast Sulawesi in addition to art and culture and customs also focus on objects and natural tourist attraction, especially nautical tourism. The natural environment in this province and montane hills, ribbed with a long coastal islands and marine plants which are spread in the area of the province.

According to the Wallacea Foundation and Eco Survey from England and in cooperation with LIPI note that in the group of Tukang Besi islands in the Wakatobi there is the beautiful sea garden that was rich in marine biota. Marine parks in the area has a high rating and is one of the best marine parks in the world.

Wakatobi National Park so special to experience. In the garden there are panoramic natural beauty under the sea. Group of coral reefs can be found approximately 112 species along the 600 km coastline. In some places along the reef, there are caves under the sea that add charm to Wakatobi National Park. In addition to the beauty that is presented by diverse coral reef, the park also has 93 species of colorful fish. In addition, it can be also found king prawns Erasia and three turtle species that lay frequently in the Wakatobi National Park that is Sisik turtle, Tempayan turtle and Lekang turtle. Birds can also be viewed from close when assembled on the island and when flying, and occasionally swoop down to the sea to hunt fish.

Buton Palace Fortress is one of tourism object in the historic City of Bau-bau Southeast Sulawesi. The fortress is the lagacy of Buton Sultanate that built on the 16-th century by Sultan Buton III called La Sangaji with the title of Sultan Kaimuddin. Buton palace fortress received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) and the Guinness Record Book as a widest fort around the world with a 23,375 Ha.

Villa in Bali

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do you Want a vacation? You definitely need a place to live. Villa in Bali are very numerous and diverse. You can choose according to your taste. If you have a sense of who likes tropical air, I have tips for choosing a villa in Bali

The Villa Mertasari built using the concept of harmonization of the people of Bali, known as Tri Hita Karana, the harmonious relationship between man with God, man with man, and man with nature.

The main principle of this tropical architecture aims to create harmony in the home, family room and a separate bedroom and an open, park-full with plants and trees, and natural pools. The Mertasari combines the traditions of Bali in the past and "hi-tech" modern who became a distinguished blend harmoniously.

The Mertasari, one of the villas "hi-tech" in Sanur, Bali, who put forward the concept of tropical architecture. This building is a blend of the past who is represented by tropical architecture and the future of which is represented equipment "hi-tech" in the corners of this building...
The elements of this building to bring eco-property full of life, such as who is reflected in the use of wood, energy savings (electricity and air conditioning) and recycling dirty water / waste.
Not only that. Floor of the house using natural materials with beautiful textures reply. While the bathroom is made of local natural stones. Bedrooms are made with transparent walls so that occupants can directly feel the natural atmosphere outside.

The Mertasari free of chemicals, with a natural swimming pool and garden which is cleaned by a water-sterilization system. The water was safe to drink immediately. It's only natural because the Mertasari U.S. Green Building standards and guidelines development Balinese, Tri Hita Karana who give priority to the harmonization and balance.

Interesting of these villas are so many "secret door" which is made in such a way that the guest did not think the wall nearby is the "secret door". Behind the "secret door" is, there is a reading room, library, cigar room and wine.


Yogyakarta - Student City

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Special Region of Yogyakarta (or Jogja, Yogya, Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta) is a province in Indonesia which is located in the southern part of Java Island and is bordered by Central Java Province in the north. Geographically, Yogyakarta is located in the Central Java.

Yogyakarta is a province of the region based on Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kadipaten Pakualaman. Besides, added the former Kasunanan of Surakarta Hadiningrat and Praja Mangkunagaran previously was enklave in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is still very thick with the Javanese cultural. Arts and culture are important part of community life in Yogyakarta. Since the child until adulthood, the people of Yogyakarta will witness the various arts and cultural events in the city. For the people of Yogyakarta, in which every stage of life, the meaning of tradition is a very important and still held up at this time.

Tradition also not separated from the art presented in the traditional ceremonies. So for the people of Yogyakarta, art and culture actually become a part of life and not separated from them. Art in Yogyakarta typical example is Kethoprak, Jathilan, and Wayang Kulit.

Environment that is beautiful, traditional architecture, social life, rites and rituals make Yogyakarta became the most interesting places to visit. Arts and culture such as traditional Gamelan music and traditional dances will always remind the audience of Yogyakarta a few centuries ago. Development of modern technology developed in Yogyakarta, is developing a rhythm with the customary and traditional ceremonies.

Tour of interesting objects in Yogyakarta: Malioboro Street, Gembiraloka Zoo, Taman Sari Water Palace, Jogja Kembali Monument, Yogyakarta Palace Museum, Sonobudoyo Museum, Mount Merapi, Kaliurang, Parangtritis Beach, Baron Beach, Samas Beach, Selarong Cave, Prambanan Temple, Kalasan Temple and Ratu Boko Temple.

Yogyakarta is famous for delicious and cheap food. Angkringan with the typical student food, Bakmi Godhog in Pojok Beteng, Sate Kelinci in Kaliurang and Jadah Mbah Carik, Sate Karang in Kota Gede, Sego Abang in Njirak Gunung Kidul, Sate Klathak in Wonokromo and many other place for culinary tour. read more...

Riau Island Indonesia

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Riau is a province in Indonesia. Riau Islands province borders Vietnam and Cambodia in the north, Malaysia and West Kalimantan Province on the east, Bangka Belitung Jambi and in the south, Singapore, Malaysia, and Riau Province in the west.

The broad area is mostly ocean, and only about 5% of the land. The capital of Riau Islands province is located in Tanjung Pinang. This province lies in the path of traffic and transport sea air on the most strategic and international level, and at the mouth of the world market that has a market opportunity.

Riau Islands province is a gateway from the world tour after the second island of Bali. Object tourism in the Province of Riau Islands are beach and sea tourism located in the coastal districts and cities. Melur beach, Abang island and Nongsa beach in the city of Batam, Belawan beach in Karimun district, Lagoi beach, Tanjung Berakit beach, Trikora beach, Bintan Leisure Park in Bintan district. Natuna district popular with its marine tourism activity such as snorkeling.

In addition to coastal and marine tourism, Riau Islands province also has other items such as heritage tourism, historic cemetery, traditional dances and special events area. In the city of Tanjung Pinang, there are Penyengat island as historic island because of there is a historic mosque and the tomb of King Haji Fisabililah and Raja Ali Haji who is both a national hero.

Art is one of the Riau Malay culture elements of the most prominent, covering art of literature, art and dance, sound and music, also theater art. Riau art literature consists of writing (in the form of minstrelsy, saga, historical, customs and others) and ligan literature such as pantun (maxim, proverb, maxim, proverb, parable, and others), mantra folklore, koba , kayat and long song. Most famous literature is Gurindam Dua Belas that are the works of Raja Ali Haji.

Riau Indonesia

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Riau is a province in Indonesia. This province is located on the island of Sumatra and the capital is Pekanbaru. Riau Province on the north side of the boundary with the Malacca and Singapore, on the south side of the Jambi Province and the idols, in the east is bordered by South China Sea (Kepulauan Riau), and in the west is bordered by the Province of West Sumatra and North Sumatra .

Riau has some agenda of tourism which was held regularly every year, competition among traditional sampan Pekanbaru on the Siak river which is the event in August, Mandi Potang Balimau who celebrated mass for the holy month Ramadan, Menggaru Ikan in the lake Bokuok Kampar, Pacu Jalur ceremony at Taluk Kuantan, which is a ceremonial event that contains the value of traditional culture and sports.

This province also has many natural tourism among Hutan Wisata Wana Bhakti as a useful lung for Pekanbaru city and surrounding areas to prevent pollution due to oil. Pekanbaru precisely in the southern region in the center there is Sebanga Duri taming and training elephants Riau. In addition, natural phenomena do not forget Bono Kuala Kampar roar which is the Kampar river water that rolled like waves that appear simultaneously with the arrival of pairs. The tourist beaches are in the area of Tanjung Pinang and Batam and one of them is the beautiful beach Nongsa with the background scenery and buildings skyscraper city of Singapore. Glitter lamp at night in the city of Singapore, the beautiful scenery from the beach Nongsa.

Are in the city of Pekanbaru there own place among other important Istana Pekabaru have a value of traditional architecture is very interesting and is the oldest mosque in the city of Pekanbaru. In the area of the mosque is a well that have a magical value, often foreign tourists, especially tourists Malaysia bath water well or intention to pay a vow before. Still in the area of Masjid Raya Pekanbaru we can visit the tomb of Sultan Marhum Bukit and Marhum Pekan with the family, we visited the graves of the cemetery was the founder of Pekanbaru city. Balai Adat Riau, this custom built hall for various activities relating to indigenous Resam Melayu Riau, and now often also used for meetings. In addition there Siak Palace, the Kingdom of Siak Sri Indrapura is a Malay Islamic kingdom in the Riau area at the 16th century until the 20th century.

Papua Indonesia

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Papua is a province of Indonesia which is located in the middle of New Guinea or the far east of West New Guinea (Irian Jaya). Eastern hemisphere is a country of Papua New Guinea or East New Guinea. Papua word itself comes from the Malay language which means curly hair, a description which refers to the physical appearance of the original tribes.

The capital of Papua province is Jayapura. Most of the population depends on subsistence farming, especially the cultivation of rice and maize. The main industries include copper (with the largest concentration of copper in the world at Tembagapura), palm oil, copra, maize, groundnuts, pepper, tuna, gold, oil, coal, and phosphates. It is mostly a mountainous and forested region, with the Maoke Mountain range rising to 5,029-m/16,499 ft at Jaya Peak. The population comprises Melanesians (original settlers of Western New Guinea), Papuans, Negritos, and Europeans.

The Baliem Valley remains one of the last places on the face of the Earth where people continue living in semi-Neolithic circumstances. Upon the spectacular approach by air, the tourists will notice the total isolation of the area. Sealed of the rest of the world by mighty mountain walls and without any roads leading from the coast to the inner region, the Valley keeps its own secrets.

Villages of no more than a few families are dispersed throughout this rough and mountainous region. Dani is a generic name of a series of tribes, until recently adhering to a Neolithic lifestyle. Only by the sixties of last century, they adopted the use of iron. Their dark complexions underline a Negroid origin, something that differentiates from the other Indonesian people. There are numerous tribes residing in the valley, having quite different languages and customs. The Yali, Kimial, Ok and Eipomek claim the eastern periphery of the magnificent valley. It is relatively easy to find their villages under the shelter of rainforest and highland.

The Baliem Valley remains one of the most fascinating places on the planet, where man may confront it its prehistoric past. But even in the remotest of area. Civilization is seeping through and will not be kept at bay. Maybe the time is right to visit the wild beauty of the Baliem Valley and its remarkable people.

This province owned tourism potential that is almost complete in Indonesia. Of its pristine nature, distinctive and unique culture, maritime special interest that is not less attractive to other regions in country even foreign ones. All this has not been touched even arranged for the object and the leading tourist attraction for visiting tourists, especially the permanent snow in mountainous central (Carstenz or Jaya Peak) and Lorentz National Park.

Lorentz National Park lies within Irian Jaya Province, and the administrative Jayawijaya, Paniai, Merauke (Southern Division), Fak-fak, Mimika and Enarotali districts. It stretches for over 150km, from the central cordillera mountains in the north to Arafura Sea in the south. With the total area is about 0.6% of Irian Jaya’s total size, the Park can be divided into two very distinct zones: the swampy lowlands and the high mountain area of the central cordillera.

Tips Rent a Villa In Bali

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I just want to share tips rent a villa in bali. Villa are one means of accommodation other than hotels that offer the service and atmosphere to live a more privacy than other accommodation facilities. Generally villas form of a single building or complex of buildings with various supporters vasilitas like a family home, like kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, pool, garage, and others. The location of the villa was almost not the same as a hotel or other similar means of accommodation, as most villas are built in a quiet area away from the crowds like at the top, in Gizo, or in the area of ​​plantations and rice fields. This is why the villa is more interested by the tourists who were conducting a long vacation or tourists who want peace in their holiday spending.

On the island of Bali itself has begun construction of villas now mushroomed, ranging from the area Seminyak, Sanur up to the tourist area of ​​Ubud. The area most of his villa building is an area of ​​Seminyak and Jimbaran, because this area is known as a quiet area, away from the hustle and is a region with low population densities. Currently, the villas in Bali in great demand by tourists from Asia, especially Korea and Taiwan travelers. Domestic tourists to stay at the villa is still relatively low because rents villas in Bali that goes far beyond the hotel room rates in general.

Cheap Bali Villa rental system is somewhat different from the villas in Bali's tourist area outside the other. If elsewhere perkompleks or rented villa development (per villa), regardless of the number of residents who will inhabit these villas, villas for rent in Bali, mostly based on the number of travelers. Property villa was built based on the number of users, for example, 1 bedroom villa for maximum of 3 people tourists or 2 bed room villa for a maximum of 6 people tourists (with the addition of 1 extra bed in each bedroom).

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North Sulawesi - Indonesia

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North Sulawesi is located on the island of Sulawesi. Capital of North Sulawesi is Manado. Geographical location and position of North Sulawesi is in most northern region of the country, and directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, that has a great potential as the gate of the regional and global economy. This region have a big enough opportunity to develop international cooperation, especially trade with the neighboring countries that are geographically close, such as the Philippines and Malaysia. If all that can be used this area will be able to support beneficial regional cooperation and international trade. It will create a region of North Sulawesi to be one of the central economic development in Indonesia which have bright prospects.

Population of North Sulawesi consisting of three main ethnic groups, Minahasa Tribe, Sangihe Talaud Tribe, and Bolaang Mongondow Tribe. Individual ethnic groups are divided that has a sub ethnic languages, traditions and typical social norms. The familiar song are Si Patokaan and O Ina Ni Keke. In the city of Manado and the surrounding language of everyday use is Manado Malay. Manado languages like Indonesian but with a unique idiom. Some words in Manado dialect derived from the Dutch and the Portuguese language first because this region is a region the Dutch and Portuguese colonialism.

Traditional music from Manado city and its surrounding area is Kolintang. This musical instrument made of wood from a number of different length so that each tone is different. Usually to play a song needed for a number of Kolintang tools to produce good combination music sounds.

Tourism sector is one of the potential of the North Sulawesi as a source of economic power. Potential of tourism in North Sulawesi is quite diverse, including nature tourism, nautical tourism, and culture tourism. The existence of the Bunaken Marine National Park and National Park Bogani Nani Wartabone also potentially as a natural tourism assets in North Sulawesi.

City of Flowers in the City of Tomohon located approximately 22 km to the east of the capital of North Sulawesi, Manado. Conditions of fertile land and the relatively mild weather this is a factor supporting the communities in Tomohon to grow various plants to flower. Therefore, the community and city government Tomohon made himself as the city flower. City of flowers has a distinctive presence with flower garden and culture activities, including the agenda is the annual flower festival.

Not only can enjoy the flowers, tourists can also visit the amusement parks, traditional markets and shopping centers, Lokon Mount, Mount Mahawu, wooden craft house and village Woloan in Minahasa, Waruga complex, Doa (prayer) mountain, waterfalls Tinoor, Linow Lake, agro tourism in Rurukan and in Woloan.

Lake Linow is very unique because it contains high sulfur content and has a color change. This depends on the point of view of the lake and lighting. In the vicinity of this lake, there is endemic animals such as Blibis birds and thousands of insects called Sayok or Komo by the local residents. Unique insects that live in water but winged and can fly into the local consumption. Dont worry, there are many villa and hotel indonesia.

North Maluku - Indonesia

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North Maluku is a province in Indonesia. Province of North Maluku is commonly abbreviated as it consists of several islands in the Maluku Islands. North Maluku province consists of 395 islands large and small. The island is inhabited by as many as 64 pieces, which are not inhabited as many as 331 pieces.

It covers the northern part of Maluku Islands, which are split between it and Maluku Province. Maluku Province used to cover the entire group. The planned provincial is Sofifi, on Halmahera, but the current capital and largest population is Ternate Island. So, the capital of North Maluku is Ternate.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the islands of North Maluku were the original “Spice Islands”. At the time, the region was the sole source of cloves. The Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and local kingdoms including Ternate and Tidore fought each other for control of the lucrative trade in these spices. Nutmeg trees have since been transported and replanted all around the world and the demand for nutmeg from the original spice islands has ceased, greatly reducing North Maluku’s international importance.

In North Maluku the land makes up just 15 percent of the area’s total surface. In many places the surrounding seas could be thousands of meters deep. North Maluku is in a transition zone between the Asian and Australian fauna and flora, and also between the Malay-based cultures of western Indonesia and those of Melanesia.

North Maluku sits astride one of the world’s most volatile volcanic belts. The region has known more than 70 eruptions in the last 400 years. Tremors and volcanic eruptions are by no means rare events at present. Many islands, in fact, look from a distance like volcanic cones rising right out of the sea.

The old sultan’s palace in Ternate town is now a museum and one of the tourism object. In the vicinity are the ruins of Old Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch forts. The remnants of the Dutch Fort Orange are right in town. About five kilometers west of the town, on the slope of a 1,715-meter tall volcano in the middle of the island, is Afo, with its giant clove tree, said to be more than 350 years old.

Halmahera island as one of the main island lies to the east of Ternate, separated only by a narrow strait. It is a mountainous island, still largely covered with forests. The coastlines are white sand and coral reefs are found in its waters. Offering a beautiful spectacle, Mount Mamuya (930 m) spews burning lava from time to time, adding to the allure of this island. Pearl oyster breeding farms on Mangaliho Island can be reach by motorboat.

Maluku Indonesia

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Maluku is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is Ambon. In 1999, some areas of Maluku province divided into North Maluku province, with its capital in Sofifi. Maluku province consists of islands known as the Maluku Islands.

Maluku (Moluccas), a region of Indonesia formerly known as the Spice Islands, was once the source of cloves and nutmeg, spices highly valued for their aroma, preservative ability, and use in medicine before people learned how to cultivate the plants in other parts of the world. Maluku is a cluster of about one thousand islands totaling 74,504 square kilometers, forming part of the Malay Archipelago in eastern Indonesia near New Guinea.

Maluku tribes dominated by racial ethnic Melanesian Pacific, which was allied with Fiji, Tonga, and some island nations scattered islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Many strong evidence that refers to the Maluku has a tradition of ties with Pacific island nations, such as language, folk songs, food, household appliances and devices and musical instruments typical, example: Ukulele (contained also in the cultural traditions of Hawaii).

They generally have dark skin, curly hair, big and strong skeletons, and a more athletic body profile compared with other ethnic groups in Indonesia, because they are ethnic islands where marine activities such as sailing and swimming are major activities for men.

Maluku lies in the transition zone between Asiatic and Australian flora and fauna and has a tropical climate. Maluku’s flora includes meranti trees and many kinds of orchids; distinctive fauna includes cuscuses, birds of paradise, wild goats, and parrots. The economy is based on subsistence agriculture, especially sago (the sago palm, producing a starch used in food), and on the export of such products as spices, cacao, coffee, coconuts, fish, and minerals. Important indigenous groups include the Ambonese.

Maluku Province is blessed with fabulous sea gardens, idyllic, tropical beaches and spectacular landscapes rich with an enormous variety of endemic plant and animal species. The forest-coated mountains of the islands are home to brilliantly colored king fishers, the red-crested Mollucan cockatoo, and many multi-colored lorikeets and parrots.

One of the beach is Lelisa Beach that across to Namalatu Beach is has coral form till the beach. If see the beach when it has ebb, it will present a beautiful nature scenery that cannot enjoyed in other beach. This beach has become the icon for they who like to Snorkeling, diving, swimming and sunbathing.

Another one was Pintu Kota that is a big coral that looks like a gate and stay at Banda Sea. This tourism object is located in Airlaow village and Seri Village. The uniquely of this is the specific coral form.

Lampung Indonesia

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Lampung is a province in the southernmost island of Sumatra. To the north borders of Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Natural state of Lampung, on the west and south, along the coast is a hilly region as a connection from the point on the island of Sumatra, Bukit Barisan. In the middle of the lowlands. Meanwhile, closer to the coast to the east, along the edge of the Java Sea further north, a vast waters.

Sightseeing includes the Way Kambas Elephant Training in East Lampung, tours Bahari Krakatau, and the Lake Ranau.

Woven Tapestry is women’s clothing in the form of interest Lampung sarongs made of woven cotton yarn with decorative motifs or toothpick materials, yarns with silver or gold thread embroidery system (Lampung; “Cucuk”). Thus is the Tapis Lampung is the result of cotton yarn woven with motifs, silver or gold thread and a distinctive tribal clothing Lampung.

Tapis Lampung including traditional kerajian because the equipment used in making the basic fabric and motives hiasnya still simple and done by the craftsmen. This craft is made by women, both housewives and girls (muli-muli), which was originally to fill the leisure time in order to meet the demands of the customs that are considered sacred. Tapestry fabrics currently produced by craftsmen with decorative diverse as commodities that have high economic value.

The music is Classical trandisionalnya Lampung, this kind of music is usually accompanied by a stringed musical instrument and acoustic guitar. Perhaps this kind of music is a fusion of Islamic culture and native culture itself. Some festival events are held with the aim to develop a culture of traditional music without having to worry about losing identity. Krakatau Festival for example, is a festival that is held by the Government which aims to introduce Lampung Lampung to the outside world and also become a means of tourism promotion.

There are various types of dance that is a cultural asset of Lampung Province. One type is the famous dance Worship Dance. The ritual dance is usually held by the public worship lampung to welcome and pay their respects to the guests or the invitation to come, maybe so-so said to be a dance of welcome. Aside from being a ritual of welcome, worship dance was often held in the communities Lampung wedding ceremony.

Jambi Indonesia

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Jambi is a province of Indonesia which is located on the east coast in the middle of the island of Sumatra. Jambi is also the name of a town in the province, which is the provincial capital city. Jambi province is located on the East Coast of Sumatra facing the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean, on the flow of traffic and the International Regional.

A native of Jambi Province consists of several tribes, namely Melayu Jambi, Batin, Kerinci, Penghulu, Pindah, Anak Dalam (Kubu), and Bajau. Majority of the population living along and around Batanghari river.

Kubu tribe or Anak Dalam regarded as the oldest tribe in Jambi, as has been settled before the coming of other tribes. They estimated that the descendants of soldiers-soldiers Minangkabau who intend to expand the area of Jambi. While there is information that the tribe is descended from the tribe of Wedda with Negrito tribe, which is then referred to as tribes Weddoid.

Art in Jambi Province, among others, the famous Batanghari, Kipas Perentak, Rangguk, Sekapur Sirih, Selampit Delapan, Serentak Satang. Meanwhile, the traditional ceremonies are still being held like Human Life Circle ceremony (Berusik sirih bergurau pinang, duduk bertuik tegak betanyo, ikat buatan janji semayo).

This province has a number of areas such as nature reserve Kerinci Seblat National Park, Bukit 30 and Berbak. Kerinci Seblat National Park is a conservation area with prime complete ecosystem, starting from low rainforest area, up to sub-alpine area. Some areas may represent high wetland like peat lake, freshwater swamp and volcanogenic lake.

The Bukit Tigapuluh National Park is an 143,143 hectares area on the low land area of eastern Sumatra, included into two provinces , Riau and Jambi. This area is also interesting in its natural features of its geology, like the 30 Mountains intrusive complex, folded tertiary sediments, and some offer science breakthrough. Old tribe which characterize most of Central Sumatra forest is also one uniqueness you will find inside this park like Talang Mamak tribe.

Berbak National Park is a national park area on the eastern coastline of Central Sumatra included in Ramsar Convention for international wetland conservation. The uniqueness of this national park lies on its wetland ecosystem which become one unity of swamp ecosystem, freshwater swamp ecosystem and coastline ecosystem.

Jakarta - Indonesia

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Jakarta Special Capital Region (DKI Jakarta) is a province as well as capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is located in the western part of the Java. Jakarta metropolitan Jabotabek together with approximately 23 million people is the largest metropolitan area in Indonesia or the world order in the sixth. Jabotabek area has now integrated with the Bandung Raya, where megapolis Jabotabek Bandung Raya covers about 30 million people, a place in this region megapolis second world, after Tokyo megapolis.

At this time the entrance to the international Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport and Port of Tanjung Priok. Since 2004 Jakarta has integrated transportation, known as Transjakarta. In addition to the state palace, Jakarta is also the headquarters of Bank Indonesia and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Various tourism and recreation in the interest to visit include Port of Sunda Kelapa, Elephant Museum, Fatahillah Museum, National Monument (Monas), Ragunan Zoo, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Indonesia Mini Park) and IMAX Theater Keong Emas, Senayan Park, Ancol Park with its Sea World and Seribu Islands and many more.

As the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a point of national and international culture. Jakarta became the cultural barometer of the nation of Indonesia. Various cultural attractions, culinary, and art is displayed regularly in a variety of cultural events in Jakarta City Center.

Jakarta is a cultural Mestizo culture, or a mixture of diverse ethnic cultures. Since the era of the Netherlands, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, which attract migrants from all over Indonesia. Tribes that inhabit Jakarta among others, Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau, Batak, and Bugis. Jakarta culture also absorbed many of the foreign culture such as Arab culture, China, India, and Portugal.

Tribe Betawi is the native population of Jakarta. Them out of Jakarta and moved to areas in the province of West Java and Banten provinces. To preserve the Betawi culture, a heritage has been build in Situ Babakan.

For traditional music in Jakarta, such as Tanjidor and Gambang Kromong, there is the influence of both ethnic Sundanese such as the use of traditional Rebab (Fiddle) and Trumpet. There is also the influence of foreign as well as Guitar and Trombone from Europe and some traditional Chinese music rhythm.

In the program “Enjoy Jakarta” in 2005, Jakarta develop tourism in the shopping malls, known as the “Mall” or “Plaza” In addition to the central government and trade, Jakarta also build as a city shopping, as well as Singapore and Tokyo. Currently, Jakarta is one of the cities in Asia that have a lot of shopping centers.

Jakarta is an international city which presents many unique food from all over the world. In the regions inhabited by the many foreign expatriates, such as in the area of Menteng, Kemang, Pondok Indah, and Jakarta’s central business district, it is not difficult to meet the food typical of Europe, China, Japan and Korea. Jakarta also has a unique food, the most famous is Kerak Telor and Soto Betawi. read more...

East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

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East Nusa Tenggara is a province of Indonesia which is located in south east Indonesia. This province consists of several islands among others, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Alor, Lembata, Rote, Sabu, Adonara, Solor, Komodo and Palue. The capital is located in Kupang, West Timor. This province consists of approximately 550 islands, the three main islands in this province are Flores, Sumba and West Timor. This province occupies the western part of Timor island. While the eastern part of the island is a sovereign state of Timor Leste in 2002.

As far as adventure tour and travel is concerned, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province truly must be one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets. The diversity of the landscape, the people and the world class tourist attractions, all located in a safe and unspoiled environment make it a “must visit” destination.

The unabashed friendliness of it’s people contrasts with the exotic and energetic traditional ceremonies like the Pasola of Sumba, the whip fighting of Flores and the war dances of Sabu. See the prehistoric Dragons of Komodo, the three colored crater lakes of Keli Mutu in Flores, dive in the world renowned diving destinations of Alor and Komodo, surf the waves of Rote and Sumba or just relax on any of the hundreds of unspoiled beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Try your hand at game fishing in Kupang, Rote or Sumba where Black Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin abound. The people will embrace you with open arms and are very happy to welcome you into their villages to experience their traditional way of life.

Komodo Island is best known as the habitat of giant Lizards know as Komodo Dragons. Komodo Island is an established national marine reserve, a professionally managed world class diving destination – what more could an adventure traveler ask for than dragons & diving – make sure you don’t miss this, it’s truly an adventure of a lifetime.

Flores Island exemplifies diversity more than any other region, the Three Colored Lakes of Mount Keli Mutu contrasting with the pristine coral gardens of Riung, Labuan Bajo and Maumere. The breath taking ritual of the whip fighting of Manggari and the solemn Catholic Easter festival in Larantuka – Flores Island is as diverse as it is beautiful.

Alor and Lembata Islands are the least visited and are therefore the most unspoiled regions of Nusa Tenggara Timur. Trek to the rim of a volcano on Pantar, visit the traditional whaling village on Lembata, dive the straits of Alor at a dive destination rated by all to be amongst the best in the world. read more...

East Kalimantan Indonesia

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East Kalimantan is the second largest province in Indonesia, within the area of one and a half times around the island of Java and Madura. This province borders directly with neighboring countries, namely of the State of Sabah and Serawak, East Malaysia.

Culture that dominates in the province of East Kalimantan is the culture of Dayak native tribes who live in rural areas, cultural fishermen living in coastal areas, and the culture of kingdom that still exist until now. East Kalimantan has some kind of tribes such as Dayak, Kutai and Banjar. Kutai tribe is a tribe of native East Kalimantan wilt initially inhabit coastal areas of East Kalimantan. Religious life is in relatively good condition among the people followed up with the development of Communication Forum for Religion in the province and city level.

Society of East Kalimantan, especially the native tribe is always combine dance, music and art and art with their belief in traditional ceremonies. Art of dance in East Kalimantan include the Malay art of dance, Dayak and Banjar art of dance, which is a famous dance Japin which is the traditional dance of the Malay race. Traditional weapons Kalimanatan East in general is the same as the traditional areas of weapons, namely Kalimantan other weapon is a weapon that Mandau traditional Dayak tribe.

Tourism in East Kalimantan have a good prospect and can be developed more optimally. This area has a diverse tourism, nature tourism, agro and culture tourism. Nature tourism in this region among others, a beautiful sea and mountain range area, rivers, tour to the tropical forest with a diversity of wild fauna and flaora as there are in the area of Kutai National Park. Cultural tourism in East Kalimantan include the historical and diversity of traditional culture.

This province has some of the interesting tourism destination as Derawan islands in Berau, Kayan Mentarang National Park and Stone Lamampu beach in Nunukan, crocodile farm in Balikpapan, deer farm in Penajam, Pampang Dayak Village in Samarinda, Amal Beach in the City of Tarakan, on the island of Kumala in Tenggarong.

Located in the global biodiversity hotspot, the Derawan Islands are featured by high diversity of reef fishes, corals, and invertebrates, including a considerable number of protected species (giants clam, sea turtles, coconut crab). As a world class dive tourism destination, there are 3 international dive resorts on Derawan Islands, while more additional resorts or facilities are in the planning process.

East Java Indonesia

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East Java is a province in the eastern part of Java Island, Indonesia. Surabaya is the capital. East Java province is the widest provinces in Java, and has the second highest number of people in Indonesia after West Java. East Java with Java Sea in the north, the east of Bali, Indian Ocean in the south, and Central Java Province in the west. East Java also includes the island of Madura, Bawean, Kangean and a number of small islands in the Java Sea and Indian Ocean (Island Sempu and Nusa Barung).

East Java has a number of interesting sights. One of the East Java tourist icon is Mount Bromo, the Tengger tribe inhabited by, where the ceremony is held each year KASADA Festival. The mountains of Malang and Batu, known as a natural tourism area there is lots of health, such as the “Puncak” in West Java. Similarly, the mountains of the border Pasuruan and Mojokerto, as Prigen, Tretes, and Trawas. Other nature tourism in East Java is a National Park (4 of 12 in the National Park), Purwodadi Botanical Garden in Purwodadi Pasuruan, and Safari Park Indonesia II in Prigen.

East Java, there are historical in the classical era. Site Trowulan in Mojokerto regency, was the center of Majapahit kingdom, there are dozens of temples and tombs of kings of Majapahit. Other temple-temple spread in almost all areas in East Java, including upgrading temple in Blitar. In Madura, Sumenep is the capital of Madura kingdom, where there is a palace, museum, and the tombs of kings of Madura (Asta Tinggi).

East Java is known to have a panoramic beach which is very beautiful. On the south coast there are Prigi, Pelang, and White Sand beach in Trenggalek, Popoh in Tulungagung, Ngliyep in Malang, and Watu Ulo Papuma beach in Jember. On the north coast there are Tanjung Kodok beach in Lamongan district, has been developed and is managed by a regional government in Lamongan as Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL) is also called Jatim Park II, Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya, and White Sand Beach in Situbondo. Lake in East Java, among others, in the Sarangan Lake Magetan, Sutami Dam in Blitar and Selorejo Dam in Malang.

Cultural tourism, among others Karapan Sapi (Cow race) in Madura, Labuhan Larung Sesaji Ceremony along the South Sea coast, traditional art Reog Ponorogo, and Ludruk in Surabaya.

North coastal areas there are a number of tombs of Wali, which is the religion of the pilgrims travel to the Muslims. Five of nine Wali Songo buried in East Java: Sunan Ampel in Surabaya, Sunan Giri and Maulana Malik Ibrahim in Gresik, Sunan Drajat in Paciran (Lamongan), and Sunan Bonang in Tuban. In the coastal area north of this there are also interesting caves: Maharani Cave in Lamongan and Akbar Cave in Tuban. Soekarno’s tomb, frist president of Indonesia are in the city of Blitar.

Surabaya is the government and business center of East Java, where the Tugu Pahlawan, Mpu Tantular Museum, Convention & Exhibition Center, Marine Monument, Ampel Mosque, Tunjungan Shopping Center and Kya-Kya. Jatim Park in Batu and WBL is a miniature of East Java, who is also an educational tour.

Food typical East Java are Pecel, Rawon and Rujak Petis. Surabaya is famous Rujak Cingur, Semanggi, Lontong Balap, Sate Kerang, and Lontong Kupang. Kediri popular with Tahu Takwa, Tahu Pong, and Getuk Pisang (banana). Madiun known as Brem and Pecel. Lamongan famous for its Wingko Babat. Malang and Trenggalek is known as Tempe chips. Sidoarjo famous for Prawn crackers and Petis.

Central Sulawesi Indonesia

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Central Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia with the capital of Palu. The city is located in the Gulf of Palu and devided two by the Palu river. Central Sulawesi also has several other rivers, including the famous river Lariang as white water rafting arena and river Gumbasa. There is also a lake which is famous for the tourism that is Lake Poso and Lindu Lake.

Many ethnic groups live in Central Sulawesi, those living in the western coastal district Donggala was mixed with the Bugis community and the community Gorontalo. In the eastern island of Sulawesi, there is also a strong influence of Manado and Gorontalo, and also Gorontalo tribes dominant enough in the district Bualemo. While the mountain community has a culture which influenced many ethnic Toraja, South Sulawesi. However, traditions, customs, clothing and architecture model is different from other Toraja, such as for example their clothing is using skin Beringin for body warmer.

Donggala woven cloth or sarong silk Donggala is one of the traditional handicrafts Donggala which is famous throughout the archipelago. Told traditional weaving, because the process traditionally done with equipment that is done traditionally by women in Donggala. Community in Central Sulawesi has a set of custom clothing made from bark ivo (beech Beringin) that smooth and also high quality.

Popular dancing is Dero originating from the Pamona community, in Poso district and followed by Kulawi community, in Donggala district. Dero special dance show in the harvest season or guests welcome ceremony. Dero is one of the dances where men and women hold hands and form a circle.

Central Sulawesi traditional houses made of wooden walls and a pillar of the roofed ilalang and has only one large room. Lobo or Duhunga is a space or hall used for festivals or ceremonies, while Tambi is a dwelling house. In addition to the house, there are also a place for rice called Gampiri.

Sulawesi is a unique border zone in Asia Oceania region, where flora and fauna differ greatly with those in Asia with the Kalimantan border, is also different from those in Australia and to Papua island timor. Animals typically this island is Anoa similar to a buffalo, Pigsticker, Tangkasi, Tonkean monkey, Kuskus, and Baleo birds that lay on the hot sand. Sulawesi forest also has distinctive characteristics, dominated by the Agatis timber that different from Sunda whose dominated by Pinang. To protect the flora and fauna, national parks have been set and preserve such as Lore Lindu National Park, Nature Reserve Morowali, Tanjung Api Nature Reserve and the last Bangkiriang Nature Reserve.

In addition to the wealth of natural biodiversity, the Lore Lindu National Park is also rich with the megalitic stone that reach hundreds of age, even thousands of years. Megalitic stones is located in the Valley Besoa and is the best stone monument in Indonesia. Uniquely, the stones have a diverse shape. There is a human-shaped sculpture, which only has a head, shoulder and sex. There is also a large bowl-shaped (Kalamba), plate (Tutu’na), flat shape and convex (Dakon), and Martor stone.

Lake Poso is one of the mainstay tourism province of Central Sulawesi. Lake which is located on the height is the third largest lake in Indonesia. This lake has a panoramic view of nature which is very beautiful and glamor, the cool air, glisten white sand beaches, and the mountain slopes and forest in the surrounding. In August, visitors can witness the Festival of Lake Poso. Festival is view in various races, such as The traditional dances and clothing from various tribes in Central Sulawesi. read more...

Central Kalimantan Indonesia

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Central Kalimantan is a province in Indonesia which is located in the central island of Kalimantan. Its capital is Palangka Raya. The northern consists Muller Swachner mountain and hills, the southern is lowland and swamp. Bordered by three Indonesian Province of East Kalimantan, South and West and the Sea of Java. Humid tropical climate and crossed by the equator line.

Central Kalimantan is in the heart of the world. It is the lung of the world. It is the third largest province in Indonesia. Tropical rain forest covers about 94% of the land. The present tropical rain forest of Central Kalimantan is to be said as a biggest such kind of forest appearance in the Borneo Island.

Few and scattered population in small groups throughout the region. Dayak tribe in the Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe is Ngaju (dominant), other tribes who lived in the coastal area of the Tribe Banjar Malay. In addition, there are ethnic Javanese, Madurese, Bugis and others.

Dayak community is very high respect and uphold the customs in daily life, as an example is the Marriage Ceremony, Guest Receiving Ceremony, customary to honor those who died, especially for the Dayak people who still embrace Hindu Kaharingan religion.

Kaharingan is the native trust of Central Kalimantan, there are only in the Kalimantan region, so in order to be recognized as a religion then combined in the Hindu religion. The Hindu Kaharingan religion spread in the area of Central Kalimantan, and there are many in the upper river, among other upstream Kahayan river, Katingan river and other rivers.

Central Kalimantan is also popular with the rich cultural ‘Betang House’ a big house which is inhabited at the same time several families from generation to generation, in which a very close kinship to be the dominant element of the culture for this.

Have a variety of art music and musical instrument one intrumen music Kecapi or Kacapi shaped like a paddle with 2 and 3 string, made of lightweight wood material (wood Jalutung or Hanjalutung) and pitched minor, normal Kacapi used to accompany vocal art, one of them as art vocal pantun called Karungut art and dance Manganjan, also commonly used by people Kaharingan as a tool in the music-ritual ceremonies. Kacapi normal game called Mangacaping and more dynamic in the game.

There are many interesting tourism objects in Central Kalimantan. Long and big rivers are worth sailing. Natural Preserve of Tanjung Puting in Kumai (West Kotawaringin District) is an attractive place to visit for common and scientific tourism, because it has various panoramas with the miscellaneous of flora and fauna. Tanjung Puting is also a research centre of several animal species such as orang hutan (great ape), bekantan, kelasi etc. Next to Tanjung Puting, we can see Kubu Beach and Tanjung Keluang Beach which are good places for swimming, water skiing, fishing and very suitable for sailing.

Palangka Raya has a natural park and rocky hills Bukit Rawi are a sacred place where local people store the bones of deceased ancestors. Traditional Dayak’s longhouses are in the Tumbang Kurik and Tumbang Malahoi. Travelling through the rapid Mangkikit will be one of the unforgettable adventures. Palace of Kotawaringin Sultanate located in Pangkalan Bun, is still resided by royal family.

Peat land adventure is a new tourism attraction in Central Kalimantan. This is a type of tourism in a nature. Site of the object is in the remnant of the Thousand Hectare Peat Land project in Kuala Kapuas. The place provides natural tourism and research centre. A Dayak Rail is developing partially to 25 km. The rail will not harm the environment. It is also will be used for controlling peat land and swamp areas based on the conservation purposes. read more...

Bengkulu Indonesia

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Bengkulu (formerly known as Bencoolen, Benkoelen, or Bengkulen, some call Bangkahulu) is a province located on the island of Sumatra. To the north is bordered by West Sumatra, in the east of Jambi and South Sumatra, while in the south with the Lampung. The West region of Bengkulu Province is bordered by the Indian Ocean along the coast form a 525 km. Conditions in the Eastern region with a hilly plateau of fertile mountain chain.

Bengkulu has a diverse tourism, both tourism nature, culture and history. Nature tourism, among others, Kaba hill in Curup, Semaleko sulfur hill in South Lebong, flowers Raflesia Arnoldi in Taba Pananjung. Recreational beaches, among other Panjang Nala beach in Gading Cempaka, white sand beach in Baai Island Selebar, lakes in Selebar, Tes lake in South Lebong, Pagar Gunung reserves in Kepahyang, Lubuk Tapi reserves in Pino, and so forth. Cultural tourism, among other arts Tabot, Enggano folk dance, and crafts Kain Besurek. Tours include historical heritage house Bung Karno, Malborough fort, and Thomas Par monument in Segara gulf.

Bengkulu province population comes from three major ethnic family consists of Rejang tribe, Serawai, and Malay tribe. While the song is Lalan Balek. Fabric is typical of Bengkulu Kain Besurek (cloth with Arabic letters bald). Public religion in the Province of Bengkulu generally Islam. Custom ceremony also made many people in the province of Bengkulu, such as circumcision apostle, traditional wedding ceremony, ceremony shaved a new born child.

One is a traditional ritual ceremony TABOT that is a traditional celebration which was held from 1 until the date 10 Muharram every year, to commemorate the death of Hasan and Husen grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW by the family of the Syiah Yalid, in a battle in Karbala in the year 61 Hijriah. At the celebration is held TABOT various exhibitions and competitions Ikan-Ikan, Telong-Telong, and the other arts, followed by arts groups in the Province of Bengkulu, which makes entertainment event of the people and became one of the annual tourist calendar.

One of the characteristics known from this province is the existence of the Rafflesia flower. Rafflesia is known that many people is the type of Rafflesia Arnoldii. This only grows in the forest Sumatera the south, especially Bengkulu. One place where the most good and easy to find the Rafflesia flower Arnoldii this is in the forest along the road Bengkulu Curup after Kepahyang. Rafflesia flowers have been used as the main motif of Batik Besurek (typical batik Bengkulu) read more...

Bangka Belitung Indonesia

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Bangka Belitung is a province in Indonesia, which consists of two main islands, namely Bangka and Belitung islands and small islands amounting to approximately 1,000 units located in the eastern part of Sumatra, near the South Sumatra Province. The capital of this province is Pangkal Pinang. Bangka strait separates the island of Sumatra and Bangka island, while the Gaspar separates Bangka and Belitung. In the north of the province there is a South China sea, the sea is the southern part of Java and Kalimantan in the east of the island separated by the Karimata strait.

Bangka Island is very popular with the beautiful beach. In general the beach in the white sand and smooth, but there is also a tuscan fascicle as rice. Sloping beach with a sizeable waves and surrounded by large stones vulkanik a unique and beautiful. Belitung Island is a beautiful island with white sand, the unique white sand beach with the original decorated by stones of granite and artistic with crystal sea water, and surrounded by hundreds of small islands. One of the best beaches and unique in Indonesia such as Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga, Tanjung Tinggi, Lengkuas islan, Punai beach, Tanjung Pendam beach.

Besides tourism object beaches there are also other tourism among others Pesanggrahan Bung Karno in Menumbing hill, Wisma Ranggam Mentok, Museum Timah Pangkal Pinang, traditional China town in Simpang Gedong, Pha Kak Liang park in Belinyu, hot water bathing in Pemali, Dewi Kuan In water source in Sungailiat , Laskar Pelangi movie location in Gantung.

Food among other traditional Lempah Kuning is typical cuisine of the island of Bangka. Of this basic food is fish and meat can also use, which is then given a variety of kitchen spices such as turmeric, onion and red and white lengkuas and terasi or belacan is typical of the Bangka. In addition there is also Rusip made from Bilis fish meat, Bangka noodle, Martabak Bangka or Hok Lopan or Van De Cock, and also Ca Kwe.

The traditional ceremonies are still carried out, among other Sepintu Sedulang, a ritual known as Nganggung, where people gather food to be eaten by anyone who attended the mosque. Rebo Kasan, a ceremony which was held as a gratitude to God so that they avoid the disaster before the sea to catch fish. Ceriak Nerang, who conducted the ceremony after the harvest of rice as puji gratitude to God. Ketupat War and Mandi Belimau a ceremony held to welcome Ramadhan. read more...

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